5 Striking Strategies to unscramble any letter (With a Bonus tool inside)

unscramble any letter

Word games and puzzles are mainly seen as games played only by children and youngsters. However, that is not the case, and we find that word games such as scrabble, words with friends, wordscapes etc. are also very popular amongst adults and the elderly as well. As such if you are looking for ways to become better at solving jumbled words, then you are in the right place. 

Though there are many variations to word games, almost all of them share the same objective. The goal of word games is to rearrange the jumbled up words provided, and find as many words possible. However, we also find that keeping up with all the words is not possible, and it can get challenging. If you wish to solve the most challenging jumbled word in an instant, you will need additional assistance. This can come in the form of word solving tools, guides, strategies, tricks etc.

Your Bonus Tool: Unscramblenow.com

Unscramblenow is an unscramble words finder website which acts as a powerful tool to re-arrange letters and find meaningful words in an instant. 

This tool can register up to 12 letters in its search bar and then give results based on the length of the words as well. It is also well versed with all the popular word games, and as such, delivers results best suited for the said word games. Besides, being a powerful unscrambling tool, Unscramblenow helps users increase their word bank, strengthen their vocabulary while also helping them increase understanding of the English language. Ex words unscramble wizard , unscramble paprika, etc 

First Comes First, We have curated 5 strategies which you should keep in mind while unscrambling words and they are as follows.

  1. Learn to recognize word fragments: One of the most fundamental skills which you require to get better at unscrambling words is recognizing word fragments. If you can identify word fragments or small parts of a word, you can easily define or make out what the resulting word will be. Learning how to recognize word fragments is, however easier said than done. As such, it will no doubt require a good amount of practice as well as trial and error.
  2. Use the circle technique: One effective way to get a better understanding of jumbled up words is by placing them in a circle. Rearranging them in a circle will help you to get a better perspective of the words. As such, this will effectively help you to identify, group and connect similar words. Thus, you will be able to unscramble words faster and more efficiently. 
  3. Try to identify common suffixes and prefixes: Another effective and popular way to unscramble words is by identifying common suffixes and prefixes. If you can identify the letters that appear at the end or beginning of a word, then this makes your work that much easier. After sorting out the suffix or the prefix, you can use the remaining letters to construct the word. 
  4. Work with the vowels: Vowels as we all know, form an integral part of a word, and we find them in almost every syllable. Majority of the words in the English dictionary thus happen to contain a vowel. As such if you can identify and isolate the vowels, you can start arranging the letters around the vowels. This will effectively give you higher chances of finding words. 
  5. Learn English root words: Though this may seem a little advanced, however learning English root words can also go a long way in helping you to unscramble words. English root words are generally derived from Greek, Latin or German, as such many English words share similar root words. Therefore possessing knowledge of English root words can prove to be beneficial while unscrambling words.

Solving jumbled words as such requires a good amount of work and effort. Hence if you are looking to solve the most challenging words in an instant, you need to keep working on the skills and points stated above.