5 Natural ways to control Hair fall

Ayurvedic Badam Rogan oil

Hair fall is becoming a common problem in today’s generation as most people are facing this problem. Hair fall may lead to baldness over your scalp can make you feel unconscious and uncomfortable. Nowadays, the major reason for Hair fall in teenagers is colouring, styling, etc. There are many remedies that one can follow to control hair fall. Oiling is also proven helpful in controlling hair fall. You can use Badam Rogan for hair fall as it is an old-aged remedy used to treat hair fall. Some of the tips to control hair fall naturally are-

  1. Proper Shampooing- Hair fall can be controlled if one is taking care of their hair properly. As one can use the shampoo according to their scalp type. But over-washing your hair with a dry scalp can also cause hair fall. On the other hand, not washing your hair can also lock oil over your scalp which also causes hair fall. So, washing your hair according to the scalp type can help you in eliminating hair fall.
  2. Healthy Diet- Healthy diet is beneficial for our body to fight many ailments. As it contains proteins, fats, carbs, probiotics, etc which are required for a healthy body. Hair fall can also be controlled if one is having a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals can help our hair to regenerate its strength and eliminate hair fall.
  3. Yoga and Exercise- Nowadays the main reason for hair fall may be stress, daily routine, work pressure, etc. Yoga and exercise are proved helpful in the treatment of stress which can help in controlling hair fall. As there are plenty of yoga poses to prevent stress. Yoga and Exercise help in changing your mind and reduce stress from the busy schedule of your daily routine. So, it can help get rid of hair fall.
  4. Amla- Amla is also called Indian Gooseberry. It is a natural home remedy used for the treatment of hair fall. As Amla is rich in Vitamin C, lack of Vitamin C can cause hair fall. Consuming Amla can help in reducing the deficiency of vitamin C. This can help in strengthening your hair follicles and treatment of hair fall.
  5. Essential Oil – Hair fall can also be caused due to lack of oiling. Oiling can help in reducing the dryness and it also hydrates and moisturizes your scalp. You should massage your scalp using essential oils to control hair fall. Ayurvedic Badam Rogan oil is beneficial for your hair and scalp in providing the essential requirements for your scalp and hair.

Conclusion- To conclude, we have discussed some of the tips to control your hair fall using easy home remedies. Hair fall has become a common problem in today’s busy and stressful life. Hair fall can be treated with the help of these above-mentioned remedies which include properly shampooing, oiling, a healthy diet, etc. One can easily follow these tips to strengthen their hair follicles and eliminate hair fall.