5 Myths Surrounding Log Cabins You Shouldn’t Believe

Have you ever wondered about owning a log home but got confused between whether it is worth it or not? Probably, you have got heard unpleasant things about log homeownership, keeping you owning this humble abode.

With many inexperienced contractors nowadays taking log home projects, it is common to hear inaccurate information about the log cabins. But, you shouldn’t believe such rumors. Here, we will tell you the five most prevalent misconceptions regarding the log homes that might be deterring you from the log cabin ownership. Let’s get started!

You Need To Be Rich To Own A Custom Built Log Home

Many people consider owning a log home is a sign of luxury, and one needs to be filthy rich in order to build a log cabin. However, it is far from the truth. You don’t have to fall in a certain tax bracket to build a wooden home.

Whatever your budget, there is a log home plan for everyone. All you need is a professional log home builder. You can check out their log cabin homes Colorado plans and tell them your ideas. They can modify the plan according to your budget and taste.

Building A Log Cabin Home Is Complicated

While building a log home is different from traditional home construction, it isn’t complicated. If you choose easy-to-assemble Colorado cabin kits, the process becomes fairly easy. These kits contain pre-cut logs that are labeled for assembling.

Once the log home is assembled, the rest of the task becomes a breeze. While everyone can assemble a log home, it is better to seek help from a professional builder to avoid any mistakes. Also, keep the design simple for getting the work done faster.

Log Home Harm The Environment

It is a myth that spreads due to misinformation! Do you know that log homes in Colorado use logs that are cut from dead standing trees? Moreover, cutting green trees for making logs is avoided because the cause settling issues after the log cabin has been built. Further, by using the dead timber from standing trees, you help prevent forest fires and cut the cost of a log home.

Log Home Maintenance Is A Headache

While a log cabin requires regular maintenance like your traditional home, but it isn’t a big deal. In other words, log home maintenance is just another type of maintenance you are not accustomed to doing.

If your log home is built properly and you know the best strategies to safeguard your log home, the maintenance becomes manageable and a worthwhile endeavor. Generally, you need to apply a sealant to the exterior of your log home every few years to protect its outer appearance. In addition, check for any signs of weathering or chinking on the logs.

Finding A Log Home Insurance Is Difficult

The location of your log home and its proximity to the fire station plays a crucial role in finding insurance. If your property is far from these, the insurance rates may increase based on the access to emergency services. As log homes are made of wood that burns easier than other materials, you may need to go to an insurance company to insure your remote cabin.

However, it’s rare to face such problems. You won’t find an individual across the United States or Colorado who had a challenging time finding insurance.

To Sum Up

Log homeownership isn’t as difficult as the inaccurate information or myths present it to be. Keep away from these myths, find a professional log home builder, and get your abode built.