5 Major Tips of SEO Friendly Press Releases for Business Prospects

A press release is a powerful tool to communicate the news and events of a company. A brand can fetch the best results by opting for seo friendly press releases.

The press release is an important marketing communication tool that is used by businesses as part of their promotional campaign. It can be crafted in an SEO-friendly manner to back its SEO efforts. A smart strategy is adopted by brands to index extra links that can be counted by popular search engines.

By using SEO friendly press releases one can add links rich in a keyword to the sites. This will provide quality and with an added effort add to the impact made by the press release. One can achieve the goal by implementing the following tips and fetch extra benefits.


The main theme of the message has to be conveyed through the content at the beginning. One must optimize the first 250 words to reap two major benefits. Firstly, the company must have relevant content at the beginning. This will make the entire press release to be understood by the search engine algorithms. Furthermore, one must make it clear that the readers are provided with the relevant information concerning the message. It will keep the interest of the readers going and they will read through the entire press release.

Hyperlink SEO Keywords

It is very important to bold and hyperlinks the important SEO phrases and keywords to fetch maximum benefits. It will provide important links related to the most important keyword in the current campaign of SEO. This will make the site run smoothly in a fast manner and help in connecting with the niche audience. Link authority is built that will make the site clickable and bring it to the top of search engine result pages.

Appropriately Using Hyperlink

One must not go overboard while adding a hyperlink but one or two keywords are okay for a link. By not over-linking, one can make it easier for the users to read the press release. To avoid spamming and stop the site from getting penalized, one must hyperlink appropriately.

Newsworthy Topic

Whether a topic is newsworthy or not is decided by the audience. An end-user has to be kept in mind in making sure that the topic is newsworthy and keep up the interest of the audience. A press release that is effectively SEO-friendly must consider topics like major events of the company, achievements, information sources, and also charitable donations made by the company. It must also consider topics like awards, the launch of a new product and services, promotions, and giveaways. Changes in the organization and news about its staff and also expansion and improvement of the services and products are also featured in the press release.

Links and Contacts

The contact information and the links are provided at the end of the press release and for that appropriate links are provided. Many sites will point all these links back to the sites and it is the best side about this information.

Few Extra Tips

Sometimes, the keywords are switched in a press release as the diversity of links and keywords are very important in SEO. On the website, an online press room can be created to provide a huge amount of information. The media contacts are listed on the page with a high-resolution company logo and also photos of important people in the organization and a link are added to the site. This can provide a strong boost to SEO efforts.