Looking through balance bikes for kids and choosing the perfect one is never easy. How do you know that you’re purchasing the right model or size? Does your kid require handbrakes? Why are other bikes a lot expensive compared to some? If you’re asking these kinds of questions now, this article is for you. Keep on reading below to know the factors you have to consider when choosing a perfect balance bike for your child.

  1. Tire Type

A balance bike’s tire types can affect the comfort of your kid’s ride and the performance of the bike. For your kid, it’s highly recommended to use tires with air since they give more cushion and comfort to the rider. Moreover, they offer the best traction as well. The only disadvantage with this tire type is that they can get flat and require you to pump them more often. Moreover, air tires can add more cost and weight to the bike. Nevertheless, investing in this tire type is worth it.

  1. Bike Geometry

It would help if you ensured that the balance bike you’ll be buying has a properly designed geometry to enable your kid to run and walk while riding their bike. When the seat is too near to the handlebars, your kid won’t have sufficient room to move properly.

You can also help your child balance easier by choosing a bike with a longer and lower geometry since it will have a lower gravity centre. As you look at the balance bike with the seat down, you should see a tiny gap between the rear wheel and the seat. Hence, it’s important to choose a bike manufacturer that offers the perfect geometry for small kids.

  1. Bike Weight

In terms of a balance bike, choosing a lighter one is always better for kids. When the bike is lighter, your child can manoeuvre it a lot easier. Because of this, they will enjoy riding it a lot more. Try to imagine propelling a bike uphill that weighs half of your weight. As a rule of thumb, balance bikes must weigh less than 30% of the weight of your kid.

  1. Bike Fit

It is your top priority to choose the balance bike of the correct size for your kid. If you want your kids to properly ride a balance bike, make sure that they can have their bottom on the seat with a slight bend in their knees and feet flat on the ground. That will allow them to propel the bike by pushing off the ground as they sit comfortably. Also, don’t forget to measure the size. All you need to do is observe the balance bike’s seat height and contrast it to your child’s inseam.

  1. Brakes

The age of your kids and the areas where they will be riding can help you decide whether you feel they need brakes or not. When your child’s age is less than two years, they usually don’t have the coordination to utilise handbrakes yet. Compared to rolling dirt trails, paved and flat trails need less stopping power.

Even though your kids will eventually learn how to utilise their feet to stop, some of them may need the help of a handbrake, especially when they are picking up speed on downhill areas. When you have a more aggressive child, they usually drive faster. For that, a handbrake could be beneficial in case they need to stop briefly.


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