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In today’s modern-day of technology, blockchains are booming, and so are the job profiles related to it. Currently, even in the developing phase, thousands of blockchain jobs are available and it is certainly the best time to grab the opportunity while it is still there.

But what kind of blockchain jobs you must look for? And much money can you make through it?

More than 23% of the big firms are working on the development of apps related blockchain, and will normally look to hire application designers, project managers, developers and will normally look for someone with experience.

Now you have time to enhance your skills and be ready for the future. When these companies and a few others will look to people to hire for the blockchain sector, very few people would be eligible. And you could be one of them if you start early.

So, here are the top 5 careers in cryptocurrency that you everyone should eye.

  1. Project Managers

Project managers might need to convert an organization’s requirements in ordinary English into specialized language, then from the blockchain programmers’ language into regular English.

The job manager is normally the very first person in a company who’s contacted when a business would like to deliver blockchain at home and accommodate it to their tech systems, Steele wrote. The blockchain job manager is tasked with planning and overseeing the implementation of the blockchain undertaking.

  1. Blockchain Engineer

The project envisions understanding of an organization’s technical requirements and makes the blockchain programs that address those requirements.

You may focus on executing assets; place up business infrastructure to utilize Ethereum and bitcoin. This is one of the best careers in cryptocurrency.

Blockchain engineers ought to have a high degree of ability in Solidity, Oracle, Java, Hyperledger Fabric, etc.

  1. Developers

Developers will most probably have the best chances to succeed in this field, mainly because of the number of career opportunities they may get. Government, tech companies, and financial services are looking for ways to optimize blockchain for the users, and this is where developers can have an edge over others.

You will need to have knowledge in languages like Node.js, AJAX, Visual Studio, Javascript, etc.

  1. Legal Blockchain Consultant

The role of a consultant is to help his clients with any confusion or dilemma, and the same will follow for any blockchain consultant. Blockchain consultant will assist various companies on structuring the initial coin offering. They will have the responsibility to develop legal collaborations and contracts as the blockchain provides “smart contacts”, a business automation tool.

You will need to be acquainted with legal terms and conditions in the blockchain.

  1. Blockchain Quality Engineer

A blockchain quality engineer has the responsibility to check the quality in every section of the blockchain and ensure that everything is running smoothly. He will check automation frameworks; do manual testing, and many such tasks. Applicants may need to have any relevant engineering or an MBA degree for this occupation.


Blockchain sector has a great potential everywhere in the world, so no matter where you are, you can start sharpening your skills for a few high paying jobs profiles. These were a few of those job profiles and you can rely on this article for helping you get a decent package.


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