Everyone can advise how to get dressed – a girlfriend, mother and an unknown expert in a glossy magazine. But if you stick to someone’s opinion on fashion dress design, then let it be real gurus. We recall what Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Hubert de Givenchy, and other great “mods,” said.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer

“I never condemned women who want a good life, I just did not understand men who complain that women need money … But they themselves look at well-groomed, in beautiful dresses, with long hair, which smells pleasantly of perfume and whose hands neat manicure … They say that beauty requires a sacrifice … Nonsense! Beauty requires money! ”

What would it mean:

This statement is on the verge of a challenge in the spirit of the eccentric king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld. His judgments often meet a storm of indignation but never go unnoticed. However, Lagerfeld has dominated the realm of haute couture for so long that for half a century of his sole rule in the Fendi and Chanel Houses, he has rightfully obtained the right to speak out on business without any grimaces and abstract allegories.

Someone will consider him a cynic or ossified materialist and, perhaps, will be right, but, in the end, this fashionable monarch always stood guard over elegance and was never convicted of bad taste, so it would be useful to listen to his opinion.


Invest in yourself and your appearance. It is not necessary to go in cycles in shopping or beauty procedures, but periodic spending on things, cosmetics, and a beauty salon is not a waste, but a natural female need. In the end, the result of these investments brings dividends faster than other stocks and other securities.

  1. Miuccia Prada, fashion designer

Direct speech:

“This is terrible when people are only interested in buying labels, brands because it will not bring them happiness, although they think that it will be so.”

What would it mean:

Oddly enough, but the brain and soul of one of the most respected fashion houses has never been snobbery. Perhaps it was due to the fact that for many years Miuccia was an activist of the Communist Party of Italy, and also an ardent feminist. Be that as it may, a humane look at fashion and the people in it distinguish Senor Prada from many of her colleagues.

There was a time when some wore branded items with a tag out. Now, this is not just a bad taste, but a ridiculous absurdity. In a decent society, it has long been no longer customary to “shine” with brands and even more so dress up in branded things from head to toe. The mix of nominal and “nameless” things looks much livelier and more spectacular.


Learn to see things and yourself in them. Whether it will be branded or not is the tenth matter.

  1. Pierre Cardin, fashion designer

Direct speech:

“A well-dressed person is one who considers himself and others.”

What would it mean:

The political correctness of this saying at first may seem banal and even boring. Well, in fact, the idea of ​​reckoning with the environment has not been popular for a long time. We are urged from all sides not to be like everyone else and that we have the strength to demonstrate our uniqueness, while not forgetting to systematically spit on public opinion.

However, common sense and good upbringing are always in price, and therefore the modest dictum of the great couturier turns out to be valuable advice.

When choosing an outfit for the occasion, do not forget to think about where and why you are going and try to match the occasion and the public. But you shouldn’t forget about your loved ones: it’s impossible to look good in what does not correspond to our appearance and argues with our temperament.

Strained attempts to wear “not their” things are no good, as a rule, do not end there. Therefore, no matter how much fashion editions praise a certain color or style, if it is “not about you”, you should not go out of your way trying to shove yourself into the latest trend. The falsity will be immediately visible.


Our appearance should convey respect for our own nature and for those around us. It’s time to remember the basics of the dress code for various situations and times of the day. And take a closer look at fashion trends and choose according to your soul and appearance. In the end, there are many trends, and you are alone!

  1. Edith Head, dresser, stylist

Direct speech:

“The dress should be tight enough to show that you are a woman, and loose enough to show that you are a lady.”

What would it mean:

Edith Head made the legend of elegant Hollywood with her own hands, choosing the best costumes for the best films. Great directors and iconic actresses trusted her taste. From Edith’s quotes, you can add an independent style guide, because her advice was relevant then and remains so now. One of them aptly hits our love for extremes – baggy things or, conversely, too tight-fitting.

They told the world how many times that overly tight thing is good only in the gym, and even then not always. In other cases, you need to give at least a little freedom to your own body, so that every tilt or need to sit down is not accompanied by sides protruding under the fabric or a skirt that rises above the limits of decency.

Even the most slender figure, pulled into the cocoon of the costume to a faint state, evokes sympathy rather than admiration. Therefore, everyone who is used to associating skin-tight clothing with sexuality should pay attention to whether you crossed the line where attractiveness ends and vulgarity begins.

Going to the other extreme is also useless. Shapeless robes should not put an end to your attractiveness.


Keep a balance between free and tight-fitting and do not confuse seksapilnoe with vulgar.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent, fashion designer

Direct speech:

“It physically hurts me to see a woman who has turned herself into a fashion victim with her own hands and looks funny and weird.”

What would it mean:

A champion of genuine elegance, praised and recognized by Mademoiselle Chanel herself, Yves Saint Laurent invented a lot of new things in fashion, but he always admired women who were able to appreciate and choose something special for themselves, and not to buy all the new things indiscriminately.

Girls like to dress up, who would argue. And fashion for us is not just multi-colored rags. This is a fascinating hunt for trends and styles of racing with friends or in the same team with them, which invigorates no worse than power engineers and makes you keep yourself in shape no worse than a fitness club.

However, it has long been known that the best is the enemy of the good, and in trying to become the most stylish, most fashionable and just the very, very sense of proportion can let us down. Clinical shopaholism and psychosis against the background of non-compliance with standards and trends have long migrated from the category of funny quirks to the category of terrible, but completely optional destroyers of the life of a modern woman. Selectivity in fashion is a tribute not only to pragmatism and good taste but also to good health.


Let the mod serve you, and not vice versa. Being too fashionable is a bad idea, therefore it’s easy to take trends and the wardrobe is thoughtful.


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