Humanitarian Film by Director Jeff Colhoun Celebrated at US Film Festivals

A newly debuted humanitarian short film is making waves at recent US film festivals, premieres, and charity event screenings. The film is one of the latest documentaries from an award-winning American photographer, director, and author Jeff Colhoun.

In Colhoun’s most recent film, he raised the spotlight on an inspirational organization that serves meaningful humanitarian missions. The organization Operation International, a medical humanitarian non-profit that provides life-changing surgeries and community support to impoverished communities around the world. Jeff Colhoun’s film shares the heartfelt story of tremendous suffering and perseverance in Africa’s Ivory Coast. Thousands of people in the world’s poorest countries suffer in silence every day, unable to afford or access routine medical treatment. Lacking clean water, sanitation, housing, clothing and food, these forgotten individuals remain invisible to the eyes of the first world.

Colhoun’s film follows this organization’s New York-based team of highly skilled doctors and medical volunteers from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions to deliver groundbreaking healthcare to patients in third world countries. While many of these treatments would be considered commonplace in the United States, in a country like Ivory Coast, Africa–where basic forms of medical care are often unavailable–even minor surgery can make a dramatic impact in a patient’s life.

This film premiered was celebrated as a festival winner and was recognized at festivals in regions including many in the US, Canada, and Europe. Colhoun is internationally known for his humanitarian work, contribution, and non-profit advocacy.

These individuals and humanitarian organizations are true inspirations. It is refreshing to see non-profits whose work truly reflects their values so closely. The works of director Jeff Colhoun are the magnifying quantifiable positive social impact in places where our world needs it most. Documentaries such as Colhouns are essential to aiding in international awareness, fundraising, and to continue moving the needle to help solve devastating humanitarian issues.

Watch the film here and visit the website below to find out more details about the film and the organization, and learn more about social impact efforts.