5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active) in 2022

Instagram Followers

Instagram is a place for connecting content creators with their audiences. It is a place to build communities, promote brands and establish a name for yourself. However, to do this, you need to have an equal amount of talent and marketing knowledge. Besides, you also need to add a fair share of creativity to the entire process of content creation to truly stand out from the mountains of content that is available. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you don’t see significant growth in your profile, which is utterly disheartening. If you are facing this issue, then allow us to introduce you to a guaranteed way of increasing your followers, and that is to buy Instagram followers.

That’s right! Sometimes hard work is just not enough; you need to complement it with smart work as well, and buying followers is one way of doing so. However, when you buy Instagram followers, you need to make sure that you pick a reliable service provider who offers real and active followers. And to make your job less tedious for you, we’re here with our expertly curated list of the top five websites to meet your Instagram needs. Let’s get started!

First of all, why should you buy real Instagram followers?

To begin with, when you have an increasing number of followers, the Instagram algorithm notices the growth of your channel. It then starts supporting your profile by pushing your content to the explore page of the interested audience. But, Instagram bots are smart enough to identify whether the followers are real or fake. Suppose it finds out that you have purchased fake followers to create the delusion of fame. In that case, it can shadowban your account or even impose penalties and fines in case of violation of the community guidelines. This is why, whenever you think of buying followers, make sure that you buy real ones only, who will actively engage with your content.

Now that we have the fundamental question addressed let’s move to the best websites so you can understand how to buy Instagram followers the right way.


Activeig.com is one of the most beginner-friendly sites to buy real Instagram followers, and the reason behind this is that their process of making a purchase is extremely simple. The website interface is simple, and all the required information regarding the site, packages, and quality of service are available right there. Furthermore, they have managed to maintain the ideal transparency between the service and customers so that each client is informed before buying from them.

There are a variety of packages available, out of them you can select the desired one by considering your needs and budget. After that, you just have to make the transaction by one of the several available, secure payment modes and then watch the numbers grow. Plus, they don’t even ask for your password, so you simply do not have to stress about security breaches or hacking issues.

Other than that, the quality of followers is top-notch, as they offer real followers to their clients so that they can actually benefit from this investment. This also keeps them protected from Instagram bots, which is a major win! This also means that these followers will actively engage with your content, giving you that additional engagement boost you’ve always wanted.

  • 24/7 Dedicated support
  • Real Instagram followers
  • Organically build-up process
  • Refill guarantee in case any followers drop.
  • Fastest Delivery (order starts in minute)
  • Money-back guarantee


WBIX have been in the industry for around five years and have successfully established their service by offering high-quality followers at reasonable prices. They have satisfied orders from all parts of the world, with the sole intention of giving an effective push to the client’s Instagram game. They have several packages, varying in price and likewise the quantity of followers, so there is something for everyone under this website. They have also dealt with several celebrity figures and renowned influencers, proving the credibility and reliability of the site.

Talking about the quality, let me tell you that Wbix offers high-quality and real followers. This means that you would not just get a shift in the number of followers but also real-time interaction from the purchased followers, who will genuinely watch and engage with your content. This will make sure that your reputation on Instagram does not get harmed at any point.

Quality and reliability aside, you should also know that their customer support team is extremely responsive, so you can get all your issues addressed on time. Besides, they also offer 100% money-back in case the client is not satisfied with the service. This shows how confident and dedicated they are to satisfy the customer’s needs.


They are known for providing real and active followers, maximum customer satisfaction, and instant delivery. So, it is fair to say that Instadean has quite a substantial reputation in the market. They ensure a completely safe and secure process and do not ask for the customer’s password or pin. Just the username or URL of the Instagram handle would be enough for them to run their magic. They also provide a super-fast delivery system so that you receive your order in just a few hours after successful transaction and order confirmation.

The quality of followers is commendable. All the followers are real and will actively engage with your posts. Other than that, they are well-versed and exceptionally updated with the platform’s community guidelines and make sure that their service stays within the legal limits. In fact, they also recommend new customers to check their history by getting reviews from the previous customers.

Another important perk is that they ensure complete confidentiality in terms of the customers and their purchases. This means that no one else would know that you have purchased followers except for their service and the customer. In addition, they are well aware of how precious your reputation is and take every step to ensure that it is not harmed because of buying followers.


If you are looking for high-quality followers on Instagram but don’t have a huge budget, then this service provider is just for you! Their USP is to provide customers with excellent service at low prices without compromising on quality. Most of their packages are on the cheaper side and can be afforded by almost anyone. Another impressive quality is that their delivery time is much shorter than most websites. Once they receive your order, you can expect the delivery in just a couple of hours. So if you are looking for an instant boost, you know where to go.

There are several different modes of payment available, and all of them are reliable and authorized transaction methods. So not only can you choose the desired payment mode, but you can also be free from the nagging worry about losing your money to a scam deal. They also allow customers to place a mass order, which is basically ordering multiple packages for different social media platforms at a time.

They guarantee that all their services are 100% safe and comply with all the guidelines and rules set by the platform. They also take accountability for your Instagram profile and make sure that you are not caught with fake followers and get banned. You may also read up the customer reviews on their website to know their history.


Buzzoid can prove to be a quick fix for your Instagram follower needs as they claim to provide the fastest delivery. You can practically start seeing the difference in the number of followers within just an hour of placing the order. They offer several types of packages for most of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, and have an extensive reach in the world of social media marketing. They understand the need for followers and engagement for businesses and influencers and prepare their packages accordingly.

They also have highly dedicated customer support, which is not only responsive but also available at any hour of the day. With this 24/7 active customer support staff, you need to worry about anything and can completely focus on your next content plans and marketing moves. Besides, you can also get a complete refund on your order in case you are not satisfied with the results.

They have published reviews, feedback, and testimonials from their previous customers to get a fair idea about how the website works and the quality of service. You should also know that Buzzoid does not engage with fake bots and only allot real and active Instagram users to your content.


Buying Instagram followers is definitely a profitable marketing move and a solid investment. However, choosing the wrong website can prove harmful to your growth as well as your reputation. This is why we highly recommend that you buy Instagram followers only from the above-mentioned service providers and enjoy a stress-free engagement boost.