4 reasons you need to avoid free PDF converters today


PDFs are becoming very common nowadays with their increase shooting up to the skies. There are several PDF editors that can be used in handling of these PDF files for various tasks. You can for instance rely on them to help you with the merging of two or more PDF files to become one without interfering with the content of the PDFs. You should that the more of these edit PDF tools you find online, the harder it becomes to make a choice of the one to use. Here is however some reasons why you should avoid using free online PDF converters today.


They are not secure

This is determined by whether you want your PDF file to be secure or not. Once you share it, you never know what the recipient may do when editing it so many authors prefer that the content of their work remain sacred from manipulations. You should not expect to get any security for your PDF files when using online PDF converters. Since the documents being converted by online converters pass through third parties, it is likely the details of your work could get copied by someone else. You should not rely on such online tools that you have very little control over.

Not convenient

The idea of accessing your files that are stored in the cloud from wherever you are located could make the entire venture seem enticing. It is however convenient for you until you have tight deadlines to work with and barely enough time on your hands and you have no internet connection to use. The technique of conversion and editing relies heavily on the accessibility of the internet so may be choosing the manual way of conversion through the PCs could be the best choice to settle for.


You can control the quality of the PDF you create or edit when you do them by yourself using the PC based software you can find for such purposes. Online PDF converters sure make the work easy but have you ever paused to assess the quality of the work that you get done? Many at times, the work gets done by the computer which is the third party and that reduces chances of getting 100% quality work done. You may end up with a file full of errors that need editing.

Can be very time wasting

From the point above, you can imagine the time you waste dealing with the errors you get from your final PDF file to be converted online. It is besides very frustrating to waste your time relying on online tools for conversion only to have substandard quality work that needs redoing totally. You will ultimately be needed to get the right software for the job and do it the right way if you are to enjoy quality PDF conversion and editing. It is true that that shortcuts are often the wrong paths to take especially where money or quality is involved.