4 Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Aging Residential Windows

Aging Residential Windows

There’s no doubt that something needs to be done about the windows. You suspect that repairs won’t be enough, so you’re thinking along the lines of investing in new ones. Now it’s time to think about how to select the right windows and who will take care of the project for you. Ask yourself these four questions and the project will begin to take shape. 

Am I Happy With the Current Window Design?

What’s your opinion of the windows that you have now? Do you like the design? If not, you will never have a better chance to find something that’s more to your taste. 

Identify what you would like for those new windows. You may find that opting for something that’s more in line with the style of the house will be ideal. Remember to take practical matters into consideration too. If sliding windows would be easier for you to operate than single or double hung windows, do think about that design carefully. In the end, you’ll have elegant windows that provide the perfect blend of style and function. 

Should I Go With a Different Material?

While the old window frames were made using wood, it may not be the best choice for the replacements. Have you considered what vinyl has to offer? Using vinyl will ensure the windows are sturdy and designed to last. There are also no worries about some of the problems that come with wood, like breaking down due to exposure to the weather. You will also find that vinyl is much easier to keep clean and care for. Since the colour is embedded in the vinyl, you will never have to paint window sashes and frames again. 

Is Security a Concern?

Windows can be a primary point of entry for burglars. You want to invest in new windows that resist attempts to get into the home. The glass should be sturdy and hard to break or cut through. The frames themselves should resist attempts to cut or remove the sashes from the framework. Every window should come with a lock that will hold even when it’s subjected to a lot of pressure. 

You’ll find that the best windows provide all of these safety measures. Combine them with a great home security system and it will be a lot easier to rest at night. 

What Sort of Warranty Can I Get?

Do consider the type of warranty that comes with the windows. This is one of the areas in which a company that manufactures and installs the windows will likely stand out from other options. With this in mind, think long and hard about whether to go with Lowe’s windows or CanChoice windows. The latter would mean that the odds of enjoying a more comprehensive warranty are increased. 

Selecting new windows for the home is something that you should not have to do more than once in your life. Take your time and explore everything from the window designs that you like best to the security features to how long you can expect them to last. With a little time and effort, you can find the windows that are ideal for your home and begin to enjoy them from the moment they’re installed.