If you are searching for the best durable kitchen faucets, you came to the right place. Here, you will get the top four durable kitchen faucets. 

Modern kitchen faucets are built with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The majority of them are made of stainless steel and come in various finishes. As a result, the reliability is always similar and is mostly determined by the brand’s consistency. The key distinction is in the simplicity of which they can be maintained.

People select finishes after checking several things such as look, quality, durability, etc. but if you have to choose the faucet as per your other hardware stuff in the kitchen then, this blog is flawless for you. You will get the top four durable kitchen faucets, which you can choose as per your requirement. 

Finishes like Chrome, Bronze, and Nickel are some very durable and have an eye-grabbing look as well.  Looks new after many years of use. They are less likely to scratch than other finishes, allowing them to last even longer. For your comfort, many faucet manufacturers sell a range of colored finishes.

Now take a look at the top 4 durable Kitchen Sink Faucets types or finishes given downside, compare them, and go with your finest choice. 

  • Nickel

One of the shades in this stainless steel finish alternative is a lighter-toned matte. The matte finish is achieved by brushing the paint. Although most manufacturers say brushed nickel is a naming convention, others may refer to it as brushed nickel. It is essential to make sure that all of the fixtures in your kitchen, such as the ones surrounding light switches, faucet handles, and others, fit.

Pros: Brushed nickel’s soft shiny appearance has stood the test of time. Brushed Nickel is one of the most robust finishes, with a higher life expectancy than oil-rubbed bronze and chrome, and free of stains, fingerprints, and watermarks.

  • Chrome

The chrome finish or called polished chrome is one of the most common faucet finishes. Most people use this. Chrome kitchen faucets are popular because of their gleaming finish, which is much shinier than stainless steel. 

Pros: It has a durable and easy-to-clean finish that only needs to be washed down once in a while. Polish chrome is a low-maintenance finish that is easier to clean than most faucet finishes.

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze 

Any room benefits from an oil-rubbed bronze finish, which can look both historic and traditional as well as hip and contemporary. Oil-rubbed bronze finishes are darkened to mimic aged bronze. The color ranges from chocolate brown to gray, with light and dark copper shades sometimes present. These finishes or faucets are expensive as compared to other finishes.

Pros: it is durable, simple to disinfect, and simple to locate as well. Oil-rubbed bronze is often simple to pair with hardware and other fixtures. also It won’t reveal fingerprints or watermarks.

  • Matte Black Finish 

Matte Black Kitchen Faucets or finish is a black dye that is added to the surface of brass, steel, or iron with a dull or satin finish. Dust coating is commonly used to produce a matte black finish. The faucet is expensive and hard to find too. One of the most luxurious faucets. 

Pros: Black Kitchen Faucets or finish has some pros such as it is easy to clean, attractive faucet finish, known as a softer finish, and a  longer lifeline finish.