The ABS forms of Gesso Secco are made in a system called Vacuum Forming, this is a thermoforming process that involves the transformation of an ABS sheet into a three-dimensional aluminum part, that is, it can acquire various shapes and models by heating the plastic material. The ABS sheet is forced by the vacuum against the model and against the machine table, this procedure makes the ABS sheet take the desired shape, according to the model. After that, the edges are cut and ready, you have the shape.

ABS is a very resistant material, which makes it a great cost benefit, it is an excellent option for those looking to make a low investment and have a shape that has resistance to produce hundreds of plates formas de gesso 3d.

Make your home more modern, and follow the trend of 3D walls that has become increasingly used.

The pieces can be applied in INTERNAL and EXTERNAL areas with walls, Facade, Toilets, Bathroom, Laundry, Garage, Living Rooms, Rooms, TV Panel and among other places will your creativity and imagination ..


For the manufacture of plaster and cement.

3D plate 100% square. Waiving the use of rail or ridge to square the plates

Greater resistance and durability to shock and temperature.

Own model.

Virgin and pure ABS 2mm.

Mold color – Black

Model – Ocean



ABS model.

Measures 50cm X 50cm

Thickness 2mm

Quantity per m2 – 4 pieces

Proportion – 5kg of Plaster and 4Lt of Water

You can follow the videos on Youtube

How to use:

For the production of a 50x50cm piece, it is necessary to mix 5 kg of dry plaster with 4 liters of water in a bucket. DUSTING THE PLASTER until it covers the WATER. .

Time to unmold

The average time to unmold the piece is approximately 15 to 20 minutes, but some powder plasters dry much faster, so it is important to do the test by tapping the plaster to see if it is already hard.


To apply 3D plaster on the wall it is necessary to use plaster-glue. Pass a little glue on the piece, check the position and hold the wall for a few seconds. It is worth remembering that between the pieces it is interesting to leave as little space as possible between the pieces and then the finish is perfect without seams.


Dry Plaster: Produtos hinode

Manufacturer with 5 years in the market producing high quality ABS and PET plaster molds.


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