Advanced technology has modernized everything. People are allowed to watch any video, graphics, content, images,and more at any place, provided they have an internet connection connected to the best IPTV server.This sounds awesome, right? Imagine having access to watch any content that pleases you, whether on your smartphone, TV, laptops, or iPhone. I will be up to you to always lag in ideas and keep abreast of the trending events as they appear.

I know some are you are wondering what is an IPTV, how does it help you to watch any content on the internet? If you are known acquainted with media, this can be a daunting idea to subscribe to. Don’t worry, in this article, you’ll learn what an IPTV is and familiarize yourself with the best types it embodies.

An IPTV is an acronym, standing for Internet Protocol television. Therefore, this is a system that permits contents, or videos from TV series to be delivered using the internet protocol such as LAN or the internet instead of using the traditional terrestrial, cable television formats and satellite signal.

Meaning, you have no restrictions on what your sight comes across. That’s said; having these privileges to watch any content, youths may tend to utilize the opportunity to watch uncouth and immoral videos. Whilst, not all youths have a spoiled mind, some may use it to benefit themselves by watching mature and educative content.

How can you watch series or videos using HD IPTV? Read the following types or formats widely used to know the basics format you can use while using the IPTV.

  1. Video on demand (VOD
  2. Time-shifted media
  • Live IPTV

Video on Demand (VOD)

As the name suggests, video on demand, in this type, you get video any time you demand to watch content that pleases your sight. VOD provides you with a timeless opportunity to watch different kinds of videos you so wish to watch. While streaming some of the movies that you normally watch, it serves the purpose of video on demand.

This means you command the service what you want. By following your command, the type of video demanded will pop up through the internet and you will be in a position to watch it, as simple and easy as it is.

Some of the examples of video on demand that you are aware of include; Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

Time-Shifted Media

The best example provided by the time-shifted media is “Catch-up Tv.” Time-shifted allows people to watch content that they missed. Meaning, several broadcast networks permit their users to watch shows that they missed when they lacked time to watch.

However, the VOD and Time-shifted media are unique in the context of shared videos. The VOD is limitless as compared to Time-shifted which its content is limited. On the same note, in time-shifted you can revisit a video that you missed to watch sometimes back but you can’t embrace that with VOD.

The popular service offered in time-shifted media is BBC iPlayer.


This refers to shows that are displayed live on TV. And having a live IPTV, you’ll be able to watch live shows that appear on television.

One of the major examples in live IPTV is watching sporting events live. A lot of people have subscribed to this service becauseit suites their needs. Thus, it is easy to stream a game live on your phone while you are doing other activities.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, technology has modernized everything that we do. Steaming events live as they happen was something never expected to occur. But, having your IPTV, you can choose on either live IPTV, time-shifted, or VOD to stream your videos.



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