25 Clever Content Marketing Examples with Amazing Results

We can undoubtedly say that in the era of technology and information, content marketing is one of the powerhouses of marketing, especially online marketing.

A good piece of content, if shared on social media, can take your average post engagement through the roof. This means more visibility, more traffic to your website, thus more possible leads for your company.

The purpose of this article is to give you some examples of content marketing, be it written or video, that has had a high impact on audiences and resulted in a positive impact on the companies’ visibility.

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If we are referring to content marketing, HubSpot and its content strategy is definitely an example you should take into consideration.

This is not actually an example of content marketing, it’s rather a strategy you should apply during your content marketing campaigns:


  • Ebooks – They are a very good approach if you want to cover the entire spectrum of a certain topic. Instead of having a batch of 5-10 articles, you can create an ebook where you can incorporate all this information.
  • Exhaustive blog articles – A very important content marketing strategy HubSpot focuses on are publishing exhaustive blog articles. On the HubSpot blog, articles with less than 2.500 – 3.000 words are as rare as dinosaurs. They make sure to cover all aspects of the topic they approach and they give plenty of examples.



If you are an online marketing specialist, you’ve definitely heard of Buffer. Yes, it’s that pretty social management tool that you can use to publish your content on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.


  • How did they go from wrecks to riches?


Well, their content marketing approach was to focus on guest posts. What does that mean? Important personalities in the social media industry or in the online marketing industry have put their names on blog posts which they later published on websites with high visibility.

This content marketing strategy is very useful as it has led the company to important results. Right now, they are serving more than 73.000 customers. That’s quite impressive!

General Electric

Even though some might consider it a ‘dinosaur’, as it is a very old company, General Electric uses the latest trends in online marketing very efficiently.

For example, during their #GEInstaWalk marketing campaign, they harnessed the power of influencer marketing and micro-influencer marketing in what has turned out to be a very successful marketing campaign.

All these people walked through their plants and photographed the elements they considered relevant for them, then they showcased them on Instagram. This was a very good method of letting their potential customers have a glimpse of their company. There is a lot of interesting information, which you can check here assignment help australia, assignment writing service, good essay writing services


The results:

  • 7+ million views on their Instagram page
  • More than 3.000 new followers
  • An average of 3 million reaches for each tour


Rip Curl

If you are into surfing, then you’ve definitely heard of Rip Curl. Their content marketing strategy focuses on creating engaging diary-like videos where surfers wander the world in their search for those perfect waves. Once they created these videos, they share the videos on high-visibility platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook and, of course, The Search.

The results:

Interpid Travel

As the name suggests, Interpid Travel is all about going on adventures with a group of friends.

The same way Rip Curl does it, their content hub, The Journal is the place where they share all the information about their travels across the world.

This content strategy is meant to engage the reader and make him want to travel the world. Guess who’d the reader choose if they acted upon the idea and would like to go? You guessed it, Interpid Travel.


As you might already know, in the fashion industry, the user-generated content is very easy to come by. Whether we talk about customers posting on social media networks photos of their latest fashion outlets or even somber entities looking to add a dash of humor to their marketing campaigns, fashion companies have plenty of content to choose from.

Glossier makes use of this and they frequently post user-generated content on their social media outlets. Their 2.7 million followers led us to believe that this approach is quite effective.


A very cool campaign undergone by Superdrug, a beauty and healthcare company, consisted of hiring graphic designers from various countries to edit the photo of a model in agreement with their country’s benchmark in terms of physical appearances and lingerie.

Their multicultural campaign was published on high-visibility websites, such as Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Sofia Vergara’s website.

The results? More than 1 million shares across social media platforms, and in excess of 3 million views.

John Deere

John Deere and their The Furrow publication focus on helping their readers and customers with their crops. If you are a farmer looking for information about agriculture and the way you can improve your crop’s quality and quantity, then you should grab The Furrow and start reading it.

As we already said, marketing yourself through sharing your knowledge has a high impact on your audiences.


The company offers an on-demand delivery app where you can order from your favorite restaurant. They thought that food and fun blend in well, thus their marketing campaigns mostly focus on adding a smile on their customers’ faces. They use real-time marketing in order to make their posts get traction. For example, in the following post, they used The Oscars to make their post get more visibility. 


Humor and real-time marketing can lead to great results.


The renowned AARP magazine focuses its content marketing strategy on generating content that its users propose. They listen to their readers and receive information from them using multiple channels, such as email, social media, and the classic mail. Then, from the information they receive, using Best Essay Help’s expertise choose the topics that they will cover during their next release.

By using this strategy it has created a very big audience, reaching more than 20 million households.



We all know Rolex and its famous watches. The company focuses its content marketing strategy on delivering high-quality visuals that reflect their product’s quality.

If you are selling a product that stands out in visual content, you should definitely choose a content marketing strategy focused on visuals. Through this marketing strategy, Rolex has gathered in excess of 10.6 million Instagram followers.


The renowned website offers royalty-free pictures to its users. They have chosen to deliver a report on the creative trends which help their users create outstanding visuals.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, their 2017 edition generated more than 6 billion unique website visits, and 5,300 social media shares. As we already said, delivering educational content to your users makes them engage it because it’s useful for them.



Hootsuite, similar to Buffer, is a social media management tool. They really know how to use the power of social media in the content marketing strategy. They used that and the popularity of the Game of Throne series to create a video where they highlight all the social media platforms you can manage through their application. Real-time marketing and social media for the win!

The video has generated more than 1.4 million views and is still counting.


The blending machine company launched a viral video series called ‘Will Blend It?’ where they take random objects such as iPads, iPhones, and glowsticks and try to blend them using their products. This way they highlight the power of their products.

The result? Their videos have between 6 million and 18 million each and they increased their sales by more than 700%.

Old Spice

The brand, which has been in the business since the ‘30s, has decided that it should adapt its content strategy to today’s trends. For this, they created funny video ads showcasing their products. The original ad now has more than 57 million views and there are plenty of them.


A very cool thing Zendesk has done when its customers were looking for alternatives to them, they created a fake music band called Zendesk Alternative and created some songs and a website for them. The website got a lot of traffic, customers were engaged and they stuck to Zendesk’s services. That’s an unusual content marketing strategy!


Even though LinkedIn’s content strategy focuses on offering educational content to its audience. From time to time, they add a dash of humor to their marketing.

They promoted their informative ebooks using visuals having funny quotes, such as the one above.



JetBlue has taken video content to another level by creating an engaging video series where they highlight their services. In the one above, they highlight the attention they offer to babies during their flights.

Simply Business

The UK-based insurance company focuses its content marketing strategy on delivering guides for their clients, with a focus on the B2B sector. This way, they not only promote themselves, but they also educate their customers.


A very cool campaign from Coca-Cola is the Share a Coke. They created 150 different bottle etiquettes with the most common names in Australia. Then, they started selling them and encouraged customers to share them with their friends. The result? More than 250 million bottles sold.

Grant Thornton

In order to generate high impact, during their Access Granted campaign, the company sponsored the 2016 Tony Awards and they offered behind the scenes access to various people and they made videos of it. The result? 3.7 impressions on Twitter alone!


The Burberry Kisses campaign let their customers share kisses with others by using mobile phones. You only had to kiss the envelope and send it to the one you love. Also, you could’ve seen the delivery process on Google Maps. Nice way of blending marketing with technology!


The toilet paper company offered its customers through their Sit and Squat app the ability to find a clean bathroom near their location. That’s quite a fun way to promote your products.


During a nine-month campaign, they tried to position themselves as the leaders of their industry by offering information using diversified content, such as thoroughly researched blog posts, videos, and infographics. This campaign has led to a record number of new signups.


Lush, the cosmetics company similar to the ones in this industry we’ve already talked about uses user-generated content in order to generate visibility for their company. Hashtags, sharing customers’ posts, you name it. They have 4.5 million Instagram followers. This means that they do a great job.



Next time you try to define your content strategy, take a look at these 25 examples and choose the ones you think that fit your company best. If you are interested in writing some dissertations, you can check it here essay paper, best essay writing service, essay writer for you.