23 Coronavirus Inspired Business Ideas

23 Coronavirus Inspired Business Ideas

Corona Virus has done huge damage to mankind. Million of people have lost their lives and million are still struggling.  This pandemic situation has put everyone on the back foot. Those who have managed to cheat this deadly virus are hit financially.

From small scale to large scale, every industry is hit. The world has witnessed huge hunks laying down their processes due to which many people have lost their jobs. Those who are running their operations are paying very less salary for obvious reasons.

There is nothing positive that can be derived from this pandemic situation, however, the whole world has one thing to learn and that is life is unpredictable and you should have a backup plan ready for yourself to avoid being hit by any situation.

Hence after researching, I have figured out 23 business ideas that will help you curb the financial crisis to a huge extent. Have a look into the same and try your hands out. This will give you a chance to become self-reliant.

The core idea behind all of these businesses is dropshipping. This is basically a supply chain management method in which the retailers don’t have a brick and mortar model and he transfers its customer’s orders and shipment details to the manufacturer or whole seller. This cuts down the cost that you have to bear while opening a shop.

23 coronavirus inspired business ideas

  1. Hoodies and Sweat Shirts

Fashion is never going to go outdated and you can earn a good amount of money selling these products online.

  1. Sleep and Loungewears

As most of the people are working from home, sleep and loungewear are in high demand.

  1. Phone Holders

As most of the people are doing work from home and mobile is something that is helping them the most, so phone holders are in high demand

  1. Laptop tables

Again work from home is compelling people to buy laptop stands. You can always target this product for your business.

  1. Gaming Accessories

In huge demand as most of the people are looking for ways of entertainment.

  1. Tiny Jewelry

This has suddenly taken a hike as they are cheap and people can change from time to time and buy a fresh piece for themselves.

  1. Home storage solutions:

With more people spending time in their home, they are looking for things to decorate their homes and storage solutions for home is on an all-time high.

  1. Kitchen accessories

This has also taken a hike as ladies have got more time to spend in their house.

  1. Home decor

With more people spending time in their home, they are looking for things to decorate their homes.

  1. Support Cushions

As most of people love to work from their bed, so support cushions are in new trend now.

Apart from these top 10, here is the list of rest 13 that I promised you. I am giving this list by looking into data statistically. Here goes the list:

11.Quiet pet toys

Demand has taken a huge hike in COVID pandemic situation

  1. Arts and crafts

 People have started decorating theirs as most of the time they are in their house.

13.House slippers

Again as most of the people are in their home all the time so the demand for this has taken a spike.


To decorate the room of their babies, this product is in huge demand

15.Home gym accessories

To keep themselves fit at home, home gym accessories are in demand in this pandemic situation.

  1. Running accessories

With a little bit of relieve in lockdown and gym are not allowed to open, running is the best exercise. So running accessories are in huge demand now.

17.Hiking accessories

In demand by fitness enthusiasts in this COVID situations

18.Home salon stuff

To ensure social distancing, places like salon are closed. So to keep their hairs and beard in shape people are buying home salon stuff more and more.

19.Home monitoring accessories

To keep their house protected, home monitoring accessories are in demand now.

20.Gaming consoles

To counter the boredom while being inside the house all the time, people, are buying gaming consoles.


To decorate the home, more and more people are buying Chandeliers

22.Decorative Lamps

Again for decorating the house more and more people are buying decorative lamps

23.Yoga mats.

Ladies of the age group of 18 to 40 are buying yoga mats for keeping themselves in shape

These business ideas will help you beat the heat that coronavirus has given.

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