21 Facts about “Game of Thrones” that make this series even more interesting

Game of Thrones” never ceases to amaze us. Every day we discover something new about our favorite series and its actors.

Bright Side has prepared for you a selection of set data, which you probably didn’t know.

21. The Dothraki language can be learned

Do you want to talk like Khal Drogo? It is easy! The Dothraki language has approximately 3000 words and its number is increasing. The language was developed exclusively for the series by David Peterson, and thanks to the popularity of the series, it can be learned in real life.

20. The cake with live pigeons really exists

Everyone remembers the famous royal wedding cake, filled with rel living pigeons. Amazingly, George Martin did not invent the recipe but instead used the idea of   Giovanni de Roselli, published in the book “Italian Banquet”, in the 16th century. In the series, the cake was also authentic.

 19. At Harvard, they teach “Game of Thrones”

At Harvard, there is the introductory course “The true” Game of Thrones “: from modern landmarks to medieval models.” Of course, it is dedicated to the history of the Middle Ages, which is studied throughout the series.

18. The “most pirated” series in history

“Game of Thrones” broke all the records of illegal downloads and became one of the “most pirated” series in history.

17. Mollusc Mother

In 2013 on the coast of Brazil, scientists found a new species of mollusks and named them Tritonia Khaleesi in honor of the beautiful dragon mother of the “Game of Thrones.”

16. There was no casting for the role of Tyrion

Peter Dinklage didn’t even have to cast to keep the role of Tyrion Lannister: from the beginning, the scriptwriters saw him in that role. And Dinklage not only accepted the role but also recommended his friend Lena Heady, who played his sister Cersei.

15. “Game of Thrones” has its rap album

The HBO channel recorded and uploaded to the network the official rap-style album “Catch the Throne”, dedicated to the “Game of Thrones”.

14. The creators of the series sold the Iron Throne

Before, the creators of the series sold the exact copies of the Iron Throne at £ 20,000. The size of the copies impresses: its height is more than 2 meters, and its weight is 159 kg.

13.Gandalf’s sword on the Iron Throne

One of the swords of the “Iron Throne” is the famous Glamdring of the universe of the “Lord of the Rings”, the sword that belonged to Gandalf himself.

12.The word “Hodor” has 70 pronunciation versions

Many people made fun of the “difficulty” of the phrases of Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor, but it turns out that not everything is as simple as it seems. The actor commented that he had 70 versions of the pronunciation of the word “Hodor”, depending on the mood of his character.

11. Madonna borrowed a Daenerys dress

It turns out that Madonna is also a fan of “Game of Thrones” and one day she even asked the creators of the series to lend her a Daenerys Targaryen dress to attend a costume party. Of course, the creators of the series agreed to the request.

10. Sansa Stark’s dress says a lot

The costumes of the series are not only made with great skill and love but also have their meaning. For example, Sansa Stark’s wedding dress tells the story of the girl: daughter of the houses Stark and Tully (a salmon and a wolf in the belt), falls under the influence of the Lannister (a lion on the back).

9. The actor who played Master Aemon really was blind

The late actor Peter Vaughan, who played the blind Master Aemon Targaryen, was partially blind in real life and hardly saw anything.

8. Myrcella and Tommen are boyfriends in real life

Aimee Richardson and Callum Wharry, who played the sons of Cersei Myrcella and Tommen, became engaged in real life.

7. Jon Snow had to fall in love with Arya Stark

According to the author of the saga, George Martin, Jon Snow and Arya Stark had to fall in love. Thank you for changing your mind.

6. The same actor made 4 different roles

Actor Ian Whyte played 4 roles in “Game of Thrones”: he was a white walker, an unnamed giant, Gregor Clegane and the giant Wun Wun.

5. Catelyn Stark is Hermione’s mother

Michelle Fairley fell in love with the public with the role of the proud and loyal Catelyn Stark. But few noticed the same actress in the Harry Potter movies, where she played Hermione’s mother.

4. Viserys is the great-great-grandson of Dickens

Harry Lloyd, whom we remember for his role as Viserys Targaryen, is a great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens.

3. Theon is Lily Allen’s brother

The actor who played the role of Theon, Alfie Allen, is the brother of the famous singer Lily Allen. Lily had been offered the role of Theon’s sister, but she rejected the proposal after reading the script.

2. The “walk of shame” took place in reality

Many people thought that Cersei’s shame ride was terrible and humiliating, but few know that this is how they punished a real woman. George Martin said he was inspired by a historical fact: the lover of Edward IV was forced to tour the Walk of Shame after the death of the king.

1. As a young man, George Martin looked the same as Jon Snow

Fans of the series were impressed at how much Kit Harington, who traded Jon Snow, looks like George Martin as a young man.