2020 Mitsubishi Mirage: Why purchase it

The 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage is a new RAM truck for sale, a subcompact with four doors, and it is a hatchback with so much to offer. It is an economy car that can save you money at the gas pump. It is small and thus easy to maneuver, but you will still find at the back a lot of cargo space. If you are looking for affordable, necessary transportation, then you should check out the Mirage.

Reasons why should purchase the Mirage includes:

An efficient engine

When it comes to the 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage, it has four trim levels equipped with the same type of engine. The 1.2-liter engine 13 is small but still efficient. It is one that cranks out at 78 horsepower and 74 pound-feet of torque. Though it might not sound like there is so much in it, it has enough to power the light, small vehicle. The engine was not designed for acceleration as it was engineered in peak efficiency, which it succeeds efficiently.

Impressive rating of fuel economy

The Mirage is a Mitsubishi, which is among those that offer the best fuel economy rating in its class. It could be one of the reasons why we should select Mirage instead of its competition.  It has a manual transmission to get 33 miles for one gallon in the city with 41 miles per gallon while on the highway.

A mirage Mitsubishi that has a transmission, which is automatic, tends to be even better. It can offer an EPA estimated to have a rating of about 36 miles in a gallon while in the city and about 44 miles per gallon when on the highway. The numbers look impressive and challenging to beat for a non-hybrid vehicle.

Excellent maneuverability

The Mirage is easy and small to maneuver. It tends to be easy to get in it and out when in parking spaces. The Mirage in all variations is front-wheel drive. It is a little hatchback with a tight turning radius, and the dynamics of steering are excellent. Steering is accurate and tight, with a decent road feedback amount.

Ample storage space

Mirage 2022 might be a very compact car, but its cargo space is ample. It is what makes it to be practical and convenient to own by anyone. The rear area happens to have about 17 cubic feet of space for storage. In case there is more room required, it is possible to fold the back seat down. With that, there will be an increase in the cargo space, giving up to 47 cubic feet of space.

The wall designer interior

It might be an economy car, but Mitsubishi has incorporated many great design choices for the interior. It’s very roomy, making it to have enough space for passengers in the back or upfront. The seats are very comfortable, offering 6-way adjustment as a standard feature. The GT and LE models even get heated front seats, which you will rarely find in most vehicles in the same price range. The various controls and instrument cluster are attractive and laid in such a smart fashion.