2 myths about crypto trading

Let’s demystify the next two myths about crypto trading by Mickael Mosse’s explanations.

Believe in magic stories: Getting rich quickly doing trading.


“The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary,” says Alexander Elder, the author of the bestseller The trading for a Living and Come into My Trading Room.

From this quote, we can learn the importance of changing the chip to see the money as the reward, make great trades to get it, learn management, and avoid getting cloud when deciding on the open or exit of a market position.

Mickael Mosse, says let’s think about when you are working in legacy markets; you don’t expect to get rich quickly; it is the same thing with the crypto market.

Social media and the internet generally show trading as “the way to get rich and get your retirement quick”; this is unrealistic.

You can research about a thousand stories of experienced traders sailing on the waters of win and loss for equal. Trading is a process to learn from experience and methods like other professions.


Trading is only a men thing.



Trading, cryptos, and blockchain topics are often related to male business. Still, “the number of women in the cryptocurrency industry increased by 43.24% quarter of 2024”, according to the report of CoinMarketCap.

This report also revealed that women consider digital money as a haven and an attractive market investment opportunity. Cointelegraph found out that “the number of female users has grown between 22% and 160% on the majority of top crypto exchanges since the beginning of the year”.

Some crypto institutions

have informed that the number of female users is increasing. This great news matches the fact that female users spend cryptos in the same way as fiat money.

For example, in Korea, women of all industry fields use cryptos, not only those who belong to the financial sector, according to Mickael Mosse.

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