15 paradise countries for vegan travellers

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Did you know that almost 10% of the world population is vegan or follows one of its related groups? The vegan movement has been gaining movement and has increased pace over the past few years, and as a result, vegans have increased by over 500% in the US alone.

Who are Vegans?

All over the world, more and more people are switching their diet preferences. So, what does being vegan mean? Vegans generally avoid all food items made with animals but include some animal’s by-products such as poultry, eggs, and honey. They prefer plant-based food items in their daily life. Some vegan groups even prefer not to eat products like avocados because the plants use bees to bear fruit. Vegans and vegetarians are different categories as vegetarians avoid all animal-based products and by-products. 

Most Popular Vegan Countries

Worldwide, there are fifty-three countries where the vegan movement has taken a stronghold and gained pace eventually. In this article, I am going to mention some of the countries that cater to vegan travellers. There you can find food items ranging from the delicious street to vegan cuisine made by Michelin star chefs.

So, let`s move to the list of the best countries with vegan food!


Australia is one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world, with 11% of its population identifying as vegans. More than 12% of the population of Melbourne city alone is vegan, which reinstates that vegan travellers are welcome in the country. Besides buying cooked vegan food from restaurants, supermarkets in the country are full of vegan food options. The variety is maybe a little less diversified in smaller towns and villages. There are many online platforms that advertise vegan restaurants all over the country so finding food that suits your preferences is not an issue. 


With Tel Aviv being declared the vegan capital of the world, Israel is vegan heaven for people who prefer a plant-based diet. More than 5% of the country’s population is now vegan as compared to 2% in 2010. A vegan traveller can find food to their liking by going to kiosks for street vegan food or high-end restaurants with more extensive variety. 

United Kingdom

There has been a profound increase in vegans in the country, and now around 1.1% of the population is vegan. In all the major cities and towns, vegan food can be bought easily. Like vegan food, vegan lifestyle products are also gaining popularity among the masses. 

United States of America

Vegan food is readily available all over the USA because 3% of the population is vegan. There are restaurants everywhere that sell vegan food items, and also vegan grocery is easily available at all grocery stores.


Europe’s biggest vegan festival, called Veganmania, is held every summer in Austria, which makes Austria a tremendous vegan tourist spot. It started in Vienna in 1998 and has now roots in other Austrian cities as well. It is a great launching pad for a vegan lifestyle that has seen attendance grow in recent years. Many non-vegans who are interested in this lifestyle are now starting to attend the festival for more knowledge. Besides that, the organizers of the event are trying to increase awareness about animal cruelty. 


This small country has a large number of vegan/vegetarian population. It is effortless to buy vegetables and fruits in the markets if you want to cook yourself. Furthermore, a lot of restaurants also provide vegan food options. Especially, Bali has a wide range of modern cafes with diverse menus. However, for sure there are many amazing places in Indonesia beyond Bali for you to consider as well.  


According to some estimates, around 20% to 40% of the Indian population is vegan/vegetarian. This makes the country a massive attraction for vegan travellers because they can find vegan items everywhere. From potato-filled samosas to dosas and exquisite and delicious vegetable curries, the country has it all. You can find traditional Indian vegan dishes and western dishes such as vegan pizzas and burgers there. You can easily check online the restaurants that serve vegan food items. 


With more than 10% of the population identifying as vegan, the country is quickly becoming a vegan haven in Europe. More and more people in the country are now interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle. Stockholm is a vegan-friendly city that can be significantly enjoyed by vegan travellers. Besides restaurants, one can buy vegan grocery items from shops all over the country and cook their own food. Vegan lifestyle items are also available in the country, such as a coconut-based shampoo or an aloe vera toothpaste. 

New Zealand

Due to an increase in immigration, more and more percentage of the population has become vegan/vegetarian. More than 15% of the population being vegan means that vegan food is easily available everywhere in the country. There are restaurants that serve only vegan food items; even so, any tourists visiting the country can enjoy the food without being worried about the ingredients. Before planning to visit the country, check online about the vegan options, enjoy your trip to the fullest by buying pre-cooked meals, or try your hand to purchase vegan food items and make your food. 


Ireland’s 2% to 5% population identifies as vegans. There are scores of restaurants, grocery stores, and health food stores that cater to the vegan community’s needs. So buying vegan food for travellers is not an issue. Even Michelin starred chefs sell vegan food in the country, so vegan travellers have a great chance to enjoy the countryside. 


Being one of the most vegan-friendly regions of the world, it has a lot to offer for vegan travellers. Vegan items such as tofu, rice, bread, and others are readily available everywhere. Travellers have the option of buying meatless burgers and pizzas as well. So vegan travellers can enjoy the sights in peace and not worry about food options at all. Singapore e-visa is also available for easy-peasy travel. 


According to some surveys, around 19% to 20% of Mexicans have now adopted a vegan lifestyle, and this percentage is steadily increasing. Vegan options are available in the form of traditional dishes and western food items. Just order a tortilla or a fajita without meat, and you are good to go. Traditional breakfast usually has no meat items, so that you can buy them from everywhere. Many famous Mexican chefs have created dishes that are just as good as their meat infused counterparts. 


This European country has had a sizeable increase in the vegan population. Due to this reason, there are tons of new restaurants, hotels, and kiosks opening in the country that serve vegan/vegetarian food items. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is one of the world’s top vegan-friendly cities. Other major cities of the country also cater to the vegan population. 


Taiwan has one of the most prominent vegan/vegetarian populations in the world. The country has more than 6000 businesses that deal with vegan food. The capital Taipei is considered to be a vegan paradise for travellers. There are tons of vegan food options available everywhere in the country, as you can buy both traditional Taiwanese dishes and Western vegan dishes. 


There are more than 6 million Germans who consider themselves vegans/vegetarians. Germany is now a pioneer in vegan food development with chefs coming up with vegan dishes and companies striving to develop vegan lifestyle products. All the major cities of the country have steadily available vegan food options, but that may not be the case in far-flung villages/towns. It is expected that veganism will spread all over the country very soon. 

Being vegan may have caused a hindrance in worldwide travel until some ago, but now it’s not an issue. So if you are a fan of travelling and identify as a vegan, you can go to your desired places without any problem. Just apply for a visa at pickvisa.com and visit the locations of your dreams.

Happy Travelling!