Your HCM Software Must Have These Feature

HCM Software

As we have stepped into 2024, it is important to invest more in technology for employee needs. The traditional approach of human resources management was anyway getting ineffective even before covid, now with the new changes in the workplace driven by covid, HR space needs a complete rethink and requires investment in Data and Analytics. It has been proven that a company’s operations become much more efficient and effective when it is automated and streamlined using the right technology.

Let’s face it, HR managers have limitations and they can’t always resolve the challenges that increase when the organization grows and the workforce becomes more diverse. On top of that, remote working also adds another level of complexity to it. This is when HCM software comes into the picture. Using such systems, HR managers can not just save time and energy but also improve the overall HR efficiency. 

That said, if you ever take a step ahead and invest in an HCM system, here are the top four features you should consider: 


Centralized Employee Database 

Having a centralized employee database helps a company to keep vital data in an interactive database that can be easily integrated with other programs. The best thing about this feature is that it enables auto-updation. That means HRs will never have to edit several files whenever policies are made or changed. 


Automated Time-off 

Manual methods of tracking and calculating time off are time-consuming and tedious. But HCM software simplifies this process. With the automated time-off feature, HR managers can decide the method to calculate time-off. That means the software streamlines the adjustment every time an employee takes a paid leave. This feature not just removes the need to double check but also cuts down potential mistakes. 


Employee Self-Service 

Paying good attention to employees and addressing their problems is one of the most important responsibilities of every business. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Amid managing a host of routine tasks, HR managers often do not find time to concentrate on employees. This in turn can impact both employee engagement and productivity. Considering the same, HCM software should have the employee self-service or ESS feature. The ESS feature empowers employees to do numerous easy operations without having to disturb HR managers. From checking their attendance to downloading payslips, employees will have the autonomy to do various tasks on their own. 



Chatbot is an efficient way to promote robust communication in an organization. It allows employees and HRs to get in touch with one another anytime and anywhere. This pandemic has taught us several things and one of them is remote working. On one hand, Work from Home has some benefits such as saving on travel time, being able to work from anywhere but on the other hand, it affects communication and collaboration. 

WFH has impacted both corporate social life as well as communication channels that led to more anxiety and stress on people’s minds lately. Remote working will be a norm even after the covid period. As a result, many companies in India are looking to build hybrid models of working. In such a scenario, HR managers will need features like chatbot to support their employees in every aspect. 

These are the four must-have features every company should consider while selecting an HCM system. While implementing HCM software is crucial, it is equally important to have the right features that can reap the necessary benefits to the organization. 

So, what are you waiting for? Find an HCM system for your company that comes with all the aforementioned features.