Yoo Ali is making his mark in the music industry
Yoo Ali is making his mark in the music industry

Most people want to get rich and famous rapping about money, cars and girls which is why it doesn’t end up working out. The competition is too full of people rapping about the same thing over and over, but every now and then someone comes along and sings about relatable things that people enjoy listening to. Yoo Ali is an up and coming rapper and producer who is famous for his productions as well as his work with artists Drake, Blocboy JB, Duke Deuce and for writing music for other large artists. His real name is Fredrick Cunningham and he was born on May 15, 1995. Although Yoo Ali is most well known for a lot of the work that he does with other famous artists and for his superb productions, he has also recently started releasing music of his own. On his verified Spotify page he has three hit singles; Manhood, Count Me Out and Whole Life. Yoo Ali does not create music about money, girls and cars like most rappers these days. Yoo Ali makes his music about his life struggles and experiences. In a recent breakdown of his song, Manhood, Genius highlights all the different lines of his music and the way that he uses it to tell a story is very apparent. Throughout the song he talks about how his closest friends stabbed him in the back and how he needs to carry that around with him everyday but he always stays true to himself. There were parts where he talked about his personal life and he even touches up on going to God for a second chance as well as how he cannot stop working hard because he needs to be a good role model for the people around him. It is rare that someone raps about these types of things so it helps build a connection between him and his audience. 

Yoo Alli has a few different forms of social media like Youtube, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram pages. He uses his personal Instagram page, @yooalo_, to stay connected to his 21.5k followers and to provide his fans with updates on his current work. On that page you can find an array of different videos as well as the many different posts that Yoo Ali is tagged in. He also uses twitter to provide updates and to get his thoughts out to his 2.1k followers. His Spotify has his music and brings in 1.57k monthly listeners. His most lucrative platform is Youtube which showcases all the content that he produces. His Youtube channel, Yoo Ali, has a total of 116k subscribers and a total view count of over 46 million views.

One common thing across everything that Yoo Ali does is the quality that he puts into everything. All his productions and his songs emphasize quality and you can really see how much he cares about the things he puts his name on. Whatever Yoo Ali has in store for the future I am sure it will be big. 



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