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Right from school to college, writing essays are always part and parcel of the academic curriculum. You might often have assigned to write my essay on the specific topic or the topic by self-choice. When it comes to writing an essay, many students draw a line of discomfort and imperfection on the mind and bluff the writing. But trust me, the very first writing can’t be a perfect one, but you can make it best just by following simple tips and steps.


Kind of Essay

To write an essay, you have four main types of essays glimpsed in front of your eyes.


Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays involve explaining something in detail that you have experienced in your life.


Narrative Essays

In Narrative essays, you have implant the ideas, the information in the form of a story where your reader feels interesting to read further.


Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays should convince the reader about the subject, arguments blindly.


Expository Essays

Expository essays give the step-by-step process of specific work. Example: How to make a cup of coffee? How to post a letter? Etc.

Now, choose which type of essay you want to go with and then head to topic selection.


What’s My Topic?

Once you are clear with your type of essay, then pick a topic. Choosing a subject is the most complicated task for beginners. Keep in mind – the theme you are about to select needs to be intriguing to readers, easy, and informational.


Deep Research

The more you study the topic, the more you can add details, and the more effective your essay would be. So research more on the chosen topic and record the key points in the book. When you research well, you don’t need to reach for any fast essay writing services to bring out the best essay ever.



Let’s progress to the central part of writing an essay. Without a proper framework, your writing will fizzle out. So, form an outline of your article; add details accordingly, and don’t instil unnecessary points. Be apt to the topic, and be specific.


Writing The Perfect Essay


Let’s finally start writing!



Your essay introduction needs to grasp your reader’s attention and make him super active. Include famous sayings, quotes, statistics, or a question in the introduction to motivate your reader to read more. Add the details of your main topic too.



The body of the essay should cover all the studied information, thesis, idea, etc. Break down the body section into multiple paragraphs and start every paragraph interestingly maintaining consistency and clarity.



Conclude the article with your opinion, summing up the main points of the essay, and give a picture of a clear image of the topic to your readers.



Proofreading is a must since it is your first essay, even it isn’t you need to proofread the written copy. Check the grammar errors, also add and delete the sentences if necessary. You can use any online proofreading tools or seek someone’s help to read your written copy.





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