Wine Carafes Market Business Prospects and Forthcoming Developments With Positive And Negative Impact Of COVID 19

Wine Carafes Market: Market Overview

A carafe is a vessel that is used to pour liquids such as wine, whiskey, and other liquors. Wine carafes are commonly used for poring liquors. Carafes are available in different shapes and sizes. Wine carafes usually have a volume equivalent to one standard bottle of wine. Carafes are also made from crystal, which is a type of glass. Glass products containing less than 4% of lead oxide are labelled as glass, whereas glass products containing more than 10% of lead are labelled as crystal. The important property of lead is, it softens the glass and makes it suitable for cutting. This is the reason for the popularity of crystal wine carafes. Wine carafes allow the user to view the product from outside, and engravings on the wine carafes provide it with a visual appeal. Wine carafes are widely used to store and dispense the wine.

Wine carafes allow the wine to go through the aeration process. Meaning, wine carafes allow the wine to breathe. Aeration refines the taste of the wine when kept in wine carafes. The demand for decanted wines is expected to grow because these wines decanted several hours before serving which blooms and attains a stage of development. Decanting wines in wine carafes diminishes the amount of carbon dioxide and matures the wine. The Wine carafes help the sediment to separate from the older wine. Wine carafes are also used to store premium whiskeys, to help prevent the evaporation. In some regions, wine carafes are handmade by traditional carafes manufacturers.

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Wine Carafes Market: Market Dynamics

The traditional method of pouring and drinking wine is popular and practised in many countries, the reason behind this is the wine expert advice to let the wine breathe in the wine carafes to enhance its taste and the method is called decanting. Decanting wine in wine carafes helps remove residues from it. Wine carafes for wine do not have a seal on it, whereas for whiskey, there isn’t any need for oxidizing or removing residues. That is the reason why there is particular shapes and sizes are used to drink wine. It is observed that some wines take longer to decant than others and thus, hence to increase the speed of decantation a wine carafe has a broad base. To enhance the appearance of wine carafes the lead crystal wine carafes are preferred widely over the regular glass, as lead increases refraction.

An increase in the per-capita income and changing lifestyles of people, rapid urbanisation has started seen in many countries. Wine carafes provide a stylish and sophisticated way to be served with class. While the wine carafes lend a sense of class and elegance, they are also more stable than the whiskey bottles and flasks. Most wine carafes these days are mostly lead-free. Because there is a chance that the lead will leach into the wine, resulting in harmful effects after consuming it. The introduction of wine aerators is expected to harm the global wine carafes market, as it is exposed to the air during pouring. This device eliminates the use of wine carafes where instant decanted wine is required.

Wine Carafes Market: Segmentation

Wine carafes market segmented on the basis of material:

  • Crystal Glass
  • Regular Glass

Wine carafes market segmented on the basis of shape:

  • Swan
  • Cornett
  • Duck
  • Standard
  • Small-sized base
  • Medium-sized base
  • Large-sized base

Wine carafes market segmented on the basis of Capacity:

  • Up to 250 ml
  • 250 ml-500 ml
  • 500 ml-750 ml
  • 750 ml and above

Wine carafes market segmented on the basis of end-use:

  • Wines
  • Red wine
  • White Wine
  • Cocktails

Wine Carafes Market: Regional Outlook

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Japan
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)

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North American countries like the US and Canada have a high share of wine carafes market. The type of weather these countries have throughout the year, they preferred wine in their liquors. In the forecast period European countries will have flattened response whereas, East Asian countries like China, Japan are in lead after the US in terms of volume because of the change in lifestyles.