Why you need environmental chambers?

environmental chambers


This is the age of science and technology where science provides the solution to every problem. From house to commercial levels, science is playing its role efficiently. Now you can also adjust your specific environment to obtain certain results. For example, you are going to grow some specific plants for testing purposes; you can give them a specified environment, high or low temperature. Environmental chambers are devices and enclosures which can provide adjustable environments. You can allow these chambers to adjust humidity, air pressure, and gas, etc. There are different kinds of environmental chambers available in different sizes for different purposes. They are very important in biological research too. You can check the environmental chamber price according to your requirements.


Uses of an Environmental chamber

The environmental chamber is used for different purposes. They are important tools of research because they provide specific environmental conditions. They have roles to play in biological research, industrial processes, material manufacturing, electronic service providers, aerospace industries, and in quarantine bureau, etc. The major three uses of environmental chambers are:

  • Test specimens, work as a stand-alone test and check environmental effects on different specimens
  • Helps to prepare the specimen for testing, weather physical testing or chemical testing
  • Provides environmental differences and conditions for different types of testing

The conditions which can be adjusted and controlled through environmental chambers include:

  • Temperature variations, weather extremely high or extremely low temperatures
  • Thermal shocks
  • Humidity, moisture conditions or relative humidity
  • Altitudes and peaks
  • Vibrations, the electrodynamics vibrations
  • Testing of corrosion
  • Effect of salt on different appliances
  • Weather impacts
  • Impacts of exposure to different lights, sunlight and UV degradation
  • Vacuum effects

These conditions can be created in Environmental chambers according to requirements. Things which can be tested under these conditions include:

  • Biological specimen
  • Drugs and medicines
  • Automobiles and vehicles
  • Industrial products
  • Machinery and other heavy products
  • Food items etc


Types of environmental chambers

According to the requirements, different types of environmental chambers are available in the market. Mainly, the following types of environmental chambers are available:

  • Mechanically cooled test chambers
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooled test chambers
  • Modular walk-in chambers

These main types of chambers are further divided into the following chambers:

  • Temperature Humidity Environmental Test Chamber
  • Thermal Shock Environmental Test Chamber
  • Walk-in Environmental Chambers
  • Altitude Environmental Test Chamber
  • Other Environmental Test Chambers

Temperature humidity chambers are used to provide different temperature and humidity conditions. They are used to test products which will have a chance of exposure to varied temperature and humidity levels. Mostly they are used to test the products like energy storage devices, material processing, solar lighting, electronics, vehicle spare parts, etc.

Thermal shock environmental test chambers are specifically designed to provide temperatures between -65 to 150 degrees. They are used to test the products which will have exposure to environmental stress. Mostly they are used to test the hidden defects of products by providing thermal shock tests.

Walk-in environmental test chambers are used for different capacity tests. There are walk-in chambers with different sizes according to requirements. Mostly they are used to test EV batteries, storage systems, and solar panels.

Altitude environmental test chambers are specifically designed for doing altitude testing. What will be the behaviour of any product when on altitude; this is the major purpose of these chambers.


Environmental chambers price

The environmental chamber price depends upon the size and working capacity of any environmental chamber. To check the environmental chamber price, you need to adjust your requirements first and then check the most reasonable chambers available according to your needs.