Why use different methods to make cocktail?


Going to bar is great but with times people do prefer to have a comfort time at home. Bars are a great addition for luxury. The idea of rooftop bar is very luxurious and fancy. But it is not an easy art. Bartending is not as easy as it looks. With special skills, special bar equipment and techniques are required. To make a cocktail, that is art. There are various cocktail equipment that can be used to blend cocktails differently. For making cocktails, the bartender can choose to make it via three main methods; built, shaken and stirred.

1. Built- As the name suggests, the built cocktail is best used for making easy and fast cocktail drinks. They are all step by step added in the vessel or the glass they are to be served in. These cocktails do not require much of dilution or stirring, just stacking of ingredients that can be mixed easily.

To start with non-alcoholic drink like lemon juice or syrup followed by alcoholic drink that needs to be measured before adding. Without measurement, the taste can get tampered. It is ice’s turn now, and then the soda or the fruit juice. Stir with a bar spoon and done.

2. Shaken- To shake a cocktail, means to exemplify the cooling process. Cocktails involving dairy products, fruits juices, or sour mix needs to be shaken to mix it all better. There is a balance of flavor with alcohol. Drinks like margarita, cosmopolitan comes under shaken cocktails. Cocktail equipment shakers are used to give a hard and thorough shake.
The 10-sec over the shake is general rule. The trick is to hear the fresh ice mass decrease and break apart. That’s when you know it is done. The ice cubes are supposed to move from one end of the shaker to another. The brittle ice will fall apart, so the quality of ice also makes a difference.

3. Stirred- It is seen as less aggressive behavior of shaking. It reduces the dilution and gives a better balance to spirit or tonic or bitter drinks. These cocktails are built in the glass they are served in. Drinks like Manhattan or godmother are examples of stirred drinks.
To stir a drink, do it in a gentle circular motion and increase the momentum. The stirring time ranges from 20sec to 40sec, depending on the drink. Avoid over-stirring it can melt the ice in the drink.


The equipment required are cocktail shaker (depending on the drink), with different types of mixing and measuring tin with various bar spoons. Every equipment is designed for a specific role in cocktail making. They size, design and making of an equipment will provide precision to its bartender.

There are dozens of online sites selling bar equipment, the best brought are from those experienced in this art. No one knows the importance of having perfect equipment than a bartender. To get an entire home bar accessories get from sites that run by bartenders. They know the meaning of precision and efficiency.