You may already know that there are several types, versions and variants of poker in the world, but do you know which type is the most common? In case you didn’t know, Texas Hold’em is the most popular and dominant type of poker game in the world. You can appreciate why this type of poker is the most dominant by taking a look at the number of full 홀덤 tables at any online or land-based casino anywhere in the world. Even though Texas Hold’em is the current king in the poker world, this has not always been true. Seven-card stud was always the king and its reign lasted for more than five decades. Texas Hold’em overtook seven-card stud due to the introduction of WSOP coverage, poker boom, and the moneymaker effect.

People who played poker in the 1970s and 1980s never believed or envisioned a day when Texas Hold’em would ever overtake seven-card stud, but then it happened and now it is not so outrageous to think that Texas Hold’em would one day be overthrown by another version of the game. I explain below why thinking that Texas Hold’em can one day be overthrown doesn’t make you crazy.

Texas holdem is saturated with good players

The first reason why I think that Texas Hold’em can one day be overthrown is because it is currently filled with so many good players. Many people who plat poker start off with playing Texas Hold’em and that makes it a very difficult game to beat. The internet is literally overloaded with materials about Texas Hold’em strategy. This has made it easy for anybody even average players to master skills that make them good players. On average, this game has the best players than any other version.

Although not everybody can become a master player, but most of them gain enough skills to be able to hold their own when they sit around a table. This has pushed many professional players to gravitate towards other versions of poker.

Ai programs are defeating the best players

Computer scientists are always designing AI programs and when they do, they need somewhere to test them. Luckily, they have Texas Hold’em to test their programs on. AI programs have been trained adequately to be able to beat even the most elite players of Texas Hold’em. These AI programs are not ultimately designed to beat poker players, but rather, that comes just as a byproduct. The AI programs are designed to cure diseases, improve safety of cars, and draft military plans among many other tasks.

Texas holdem could evolve

The best and most likely scenario that will see Texas Hold’em stop being the most popular poker game is by evolving into something new. Given that the game has some of the best players and AI programs are now beating the best players, there may be need for the game to evolve into something different. In fact, there is already a new variation of the game termed Holdem X, which was released in the year 2016. Holden X is played the same way Texas Hold’em is played with the main difference being that it makes use of X cards. X cards have special attributes meant to manipulate gameplay.