Why Reading Manga Is Better Than Watching Anime

There are many people who love to watch anime, while there are some who are more fond of reading manga. Either is okay, but there are some things that make reading manga a lot better. If you are fond of watching anime, it is okay but you also have to understand and know that there are a lot of things to like about reading Manga.

The Difference Between Reading Manga And Watching Anime

It has long been debated on the differences of Manga (มังงะ) and anime, and which of them is better to pursue. Actually, the answer to that differs on the preference of the person, but to make you understand why it is best to read manga instead, read below:

 It makes you more creative

Some choose to watch anime as they do not need to use their imagination to understand the series better, they can actually hear the characters laugh, they can know if the tone of the character is angry and so forth. True that watching a series with complete animation is a good idea but that could be a bit boring especially to those who want to use their imagination.

Reading manga can motivate you to imagine the voice of the characters and their reactions. It is more interactive and can make you more inclined and feel like you are part of the series.

Some who อ่านมังงะ find themselves involve to the series they are reading compared to those who are watching anime.

 Reading can make you understand the story a lot more

Reading will allow you to easily go back to where you left off and can make you understand every line of the series at your pace. You do not need to rush on understanding parts of the series as reading it will put you in complete control.

Reading is actually a better option if you want to savour every line the characters are saying and reading will also assure you that you will not get lost any time within the story.

They say that reading can make you feel a little tired, but actually if you love what you are reading, you will never get tired of reading lines even again and again.

 You are not disturbing others when you read manga unlike when you watch anime

Sure, you can use headset when watching but unfortunately wearing headset for a long time may not be too comfortable and easy. Reading manga will not let you disturb others as it produces no sound unlike watching anime.
You do not need to disturb others and force them to turn the television channel to your favorite anime as you do not need a television to read manga. Anime viewers may have an alternative as they can watch it on their mobile phones, but unfortunately, it may not be as convenient especially if the screen of your phone is small.

Now that you know the benefits of reading มังงะ, trying it out is a good idea.