Why Do You Need to Do SEO & Best SEO Service in Bangkok?

why do you need seo & SEO service

Why is SEO important for companies?

SEO -search engine optimization- or website ranking is one of the main tools in the hands of any type of company that wants to make a profit, thanks to SEO for its presence on the Internet.

That is why from Inspira Digital Agency, we are going to analyze this field and see some examples of how we can achieve the optimization of our online presence. By the way, Inspira Digital Agency which provides SEO services in Bangkok.

Our analysis must serve to make digital marketing a really useful resource for our company. And that importance is essential both if we sell products on Amazon or if we are looking for an increase in online visibility.

Forming one of the most important parts in online marketing, SEO is capable of generating more customers, more income, and more benefits.


Optimizing our online resources so that they appear in the best positions in the search engine and achieving a favorable environment for us.

SEO is divided into two main blocks:

  1. External SEO

or the actions carried out to achieve an improvement in search engines. It is the most important point within the SEO for companies.

  1. Internal SEO

It develops optimization work on the website itself. Its importance, although less than that of the SEO Link Building, is high and is essential.

It includes actions that are put in place so that websites in general, and informational sites and online stores, fully comply with Google’s criteria.


Being in Google: the key to SEO

There’s always talk of SEO but there should be the talk of GO or optimization for Google. Google in Spain has more than 95% market share in the world of search engines.

Therefore, it will be important not only to optimize the presence in general but also to optimize for Google, the giant of California, in particular.

A company that wants to sell KN 95 masks in Bangkok must appear in the searches when someone puts a KN95 mask on Google.

If the company’s website does not appear on the first two pages of Google, the chances of someone clicking on the link that leads to your website will be very close to zero.

A good digital marketing agency must provide you with all the tools and data so that the visitors convert into customers for you.

Website ranking surpassing competitive companies is essential in SEO strategy for large companies. This is due to the fact that the final client’s perception of leadership is based, to a large extent, on the relative position in Google.

 The importance of getting leads

In this sense, having good positions is equivalent to having potential clients. Therefore, the importance of SEO for companies that want to sell on the Internet through electronic commerce is essential.

The importance of SEO for companies is also based on having an Internet presence in line with the prestige you want to show. If your company is an offline leader, you must demonstrate it on Google.

This is one of the keys: comply with what Google indicates to achieve good positions in Google. This is one of the keys that denote the importance of SEO for companies.

The exact definition of the most important keywords is a decisive element to generate profits online.

The importance of SEO for companies implies having a good digital marketing agency. In addition, you need to have a group of online marketing consultants specialized in web positioning.

A professional, experienced consultant is one of the key points in any strategy that values the importance of web positioning for companies.


The Importance of SEO: How to Generate Value Traffic

Ranking in a good position on Google creates value for companies. So, when we talk about the importance of traffic in conversions, we talk about the final generation of benefits.

These benefits can go in the form of sales, visits to a certain page, generating an improvement in online reputation, or an increase in visibility on the Internet. The importance of each of these depends on the companies and their online objectives.

What is common is the end goal. If we find all the competitors in top positions and your company does not appear on the top of your competitor’s website, then you will lose that sale.

It is important to have a professional SEO consultant for companies. Your role will be to analyze your website, your market, your rivals, and define a web positioning strategy in Google.

The importance of SEO for companies is based on placing them in positions where their potential customers will search for your website.

An SEO consultant for companies should give importance to elements such as:

  • Identify profitable keywords
  • Take care of On-Page SEO as well as off-page SEO

This way you will have the bases to surpass your competitors and generate value for them: Companies that have a digital marketing plan have, therefore, a significant advantage to create value through SEO positioning.

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