Both will be endowed with boundless energy and take active part in various activities. They are not very conservative and think progressively. 

However, despite the similarities between both signs, neither will compromise easily when it comes to a conflict. This stubbornness could be a stumbling block in the relationship.

The symbol of Aries is the horn of the ram and this makes those born under this sign ready to charge anytime. 

Their approach to romance is the same too, direct and impulsive. They are generous to their partner but will expect the same. To them, commitment in a relationship is important.

Aries sun sign is hot and fiery by nature while Aquarius is a contrast – cool and detached. Aries likes to follow personal creative pursuits in solitude whereas Aquarius is more social. Both star signs are aggressive in following their goals but the modus operandi in executing them differs.

 Aquarius channelizes the aggressiveness in a positive way whereas Aries can sometimes go off track. Aquarius does not feel intimidated by the bossy attitude of Aries and so this neutralizes that quality.

When compatible Aries and Aquarius signs get together, they can be a riot. They make each other’s sense of humor surface and the result is endless mirth and wit. Both are always game for adventure and fun and when they get together, they can be real daredevils.

The interesting thing about the zodiacally matched duo is that they will be able to connect with each other at a deep spiritual level. 

In fact, they will also be greatly telepathic. Aries will also be able to push Aquarius enough so that Aquarius executes ideas rather than merely daydream about them.

The sexual chemistry between both will be racy and thrilling. They will be quite adventurous in bed and sometimes even choose violent forms of making love. 

The only thing that could throw a spanner into the works is the fact that one of them may come on too strongly upsetting the other.

Deep down based on the zodiac truths, both Aries and Aquarius are rebels at heart. This makes them ready to plunge into risks easily. Aries desires to be the boss but things will be smooth as Aquarius really does not mind.

 Both think deeply about the future and can achieve anything they set their mind to, together. Both are courageous and willing to experiment with no ideas, this attitude can help them maximize their potential and reach great heights in personal and professional life.

How to Get Along with an Aries

It’s rather easy to get an Aries to love you. Compatibility with the Aries sun sign is not as difficult as many think, just follow these tips and Aries will fall head over heals for you.

Pamper their egos

By sun sign nature, they are egoistic, flamboyant and proud folks. And therefore, if you pamper them and subtly praise their heroics, they will fall in love with you.

Don’t argue with them

In an argument, just let them feel they are right. There’s no need to accept everything they say or do, but you can wisely remain silent and smile. They always need reassurance that they are right. Just give them that.

Never hurt Aries’s pride

Aries’s pride is easily hurt. So avoid making any hurtful comments in the company of others.

Recognise them, always

The Aries star sign craves for recognition. Take every opportunity to pat them on the back and acknowledge their achievements.

They long to be popular

Aries loves to be in the limelight at a party office or club. They like to stamp their personality, joke and talk a lot. Mind you they are excellent conversationalists and that’s the reason why even the intriguing Geminis also love them.

Aries crave for company

He also longs for company and can’t stay alone for more than a couple of hours. Being with them is enough to find a place in their hearts.