Who Is On The Rise Artist Roman James?

Roman James is an on the rise artist from Atlanta, GA who seems to be gaining a lot of
attention. His latest song titled “ Al Pacino ” is the newest single released this year. This
song’s vibe is gritty, melodic and super catchy. This single features another artist who goes
by the name of 1k_Icy. You can find this new single out now on all major platforms. He
knows that there is a lot of talent and competition in Atlanta from other artists. He says “You have to know how to stand out and be yourself. You also have to have the mentality to pursue your dreams against all odds”.
His single resonates that exact vibe. Al Pacino was a hustler and pursued anything
regardless of the end result. Naming his single after this individual definitely makes a
statement. This track is very important to Roman and his entire brand, especially in these
hard times. He states in one of his recent Instagram posts “We are BLACK MEN! We don’t
tear down other BLACK MEN or BLACK WOMEN! We are ARTISTS! We deserve to get
paid for our worth. To the youth the world is yours (As Scar-face said).”
Very powerful statement from this inspiring and aspiring artist. Fighting to become an artist is a battle within itself, but this year has brought on many other obstacles outside of what
comes with music. Through all of the trials and tribulations he battles this year he still
remains to stay active and positive. Roman has a lot to offer the music industry. He is an
exceptional role model that has music that would mesh well with mainstream artists.
Roman James is definitely an artist with the potential to surpass many artists that are
already well known within the culture. His perseverance and determination sets him apart
from a lot of other artists. His recent release is a radio and underground hit. The style and
cadence of this artist draws you in to his other work as well.