When Should You Use An Explainer Video?

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Possibly you have seen business owners using Explainer Videos and are wondering what exactly they do and whether there is any value investing in them? You might think you are the only owner on the internet who has no idea what explainer videos are all about. You might also wonder when the best time would be to invest in an explainer video and whether it’s worth it.

Most business owners, at one time or another, have hesitated to go 100% for this option. Your brand might be somewhat complicated with many different products that actually tie into each other, you become overwhelmed. If you are confused, remember your customers, are probably confused as well!

The value of an explainer video is not absorbed all at once. What can be baffling, employees in your business as well as customers do not understand what it is you do! It’s like the infamous band-aid, you don’t gently remove it from the wounded area, you yank it off! There is no better time to invest in an explainer video than right now!

You might have considered creating an explainer video for a new product or for some other marketing plan. A video can be priceless by providing great support. The upside, you do not have to wait to start developing your message. The sooner you start working on it, the sooner you can boost your achievements.

Let’ take a closer look to understand why the best time to create an explainer video is actually right now.

A Clear Message In Your Explainer Video Will Remove Customer Stress

To get a customer through the buying process, they must understand what you do. When there is stress and confusion at the top of the funnel, there will be unnecessary friction during the buying process.

You can avoid confusion with an effective video telling a simple story at the top of the funnel. You will give buyers a clear understanding and your video will be more engaging. In turn, it will lead to better conversion rates down the funnel.

If you provide a clear message, it will help with sales by building intensity early on during the buying process and increase the sales cycle. Also, customers are more likely to take action because an explainer video will build trust and confidence in you and your brand.

According to MultiVision Digital, 64% of customers are more likely to purchase products online after viewing a video about the company.

An Explainer Video Automatically Simplifies Your Story

It has been shown that different departments within a business have different view points about the products. This can lead to customers having mixed feelings about a business and their products. That’s why it is really important to bring all these voices into one story by way of an explainer video.

Having a succinct, universal narrative, your story can cross many lines of all your products and appeal to your customers. Your different departments will not have to try and figure out how to communicate with customers because the explainer video will do all the hard work for them. Just imagine how effective your staff will be when they deliver a perfect sales pitch every time they speak with a customer.

Also, having a more effective customer relationship with a simple story will help reconnect the vision of your brand with your employees and even other vendors that work with your business. From your employees point of view, an explainer video will help to build your brand and get your employees excited about working with you. As for distant workers, a video can help them feel more involved in the ideas and mission of your business. Videos also help outside vendors communicate and represent your business in a way that is consistent and on target about your brand.

Explainer Videos Provide Help For People To Absorb Content

Videos have definitely replaced your standard advertising and consumers as studies have shown that their memory spans have dropped to an all new low. People want to know about your business in a much shorter period of time than ever before. People are starting to expect videos and explainer videos to introduce your products in a way that is easier for them to absorb.

If you are contemplating making a big change, including rebranding or entering a new market, you must be able to connect with your audience by offering information in a format they want and are able to absorb.

Transparency is critical when communicating any of these big changes:

  • New positioning
  • Product launches
  • New websites
  • Fundraising
  • Future/upcoming events

Videos are the best tools to support all these changes and make the following achievements more sustainable and successful.

  • Increasing awareness
  • Educating customers
  • Help customers’ understanding
  • Inspiring actions
  • Lead generation
  • Differentiating from your competition.

Explainer Videos Are The Most Effective Way For All Sizes Of Businesses

It would be difficult to find any business that would not benefit from explainer videos. This includes startups all the way to large corporations. Every business can harvest the rewards from telling compelling stories through videos.

Working with a vendor to create your explainer video is a great idea. They can change the approach depending on the size, complexity, and needs of your business. If you are a startup and want to look more professional before going to market, there is an approach for you too. If you are an established business, looking to level up, videos are a great way to pull ahead of the crowd.

If your competition is not using video, this is a great time to get ahead of the crowd and change your messaging to reach people who want to consume your brand. If they cut corners, creating it way too cheaply, it will not line up with their brand value. This will give you the edge to have an opportunity to come across as more professional and stand out from your competitors.

The Best Time For An Explainer Video Is Right Now!

The best time to create an explainer video and provide a clear message that will be understood by all is right now. Having a good story that your team agrees with is the best way to start educating your customers and increase your sales. Offering content that people can absorb will remove stress during a sale while creating trust along the way.

You Are Still Wondering, When Is A Good Time For An Explainer Video?

You have probably seen your competitors using explainer videos and wonder when is a good time to start creating one. Are you ready for this? The real question should be, does everyone on your team and all departments, both in-house and elsewhere, have a clear understanding what your business is about and what it does? If your answers are too often No, it’s time to start working on a marketing plan.

Most business owners will hesitate before jumping in feet first. If your inner voice is confusing then you must realize you are passing this feeling on to your customers.

Not everyone will experience your video at the same time but everyone from your team to your customers will eventually end up on the same page and understand just what you are about. Therefore, there is no “perfect time” for an explainer video, but going for it will give you the opportunity to form an impressive message and get it out to the audience as soon as possible.

You should decide that putting off until tomorrow what you can do today is not the right answer. It’s time to hire an explainer video expert and get your project up and running.

You should talk with people who are experienced with explainer videos. Let them know what you want to convey and bounce some ideas off each other until you come up with a master plan. The more you work creating explainer videos, the easier it will become down the road. You will discover you have lost absolutely nothing but you have increased your profits greatly!