What You Should Know About Accounting Services in Bulgaria


Hiring an accountant monthly is not only costly to a business but also the accountant may not be sufficiently qualified in terms of experience and skills. However, getting the services of a professional company such as BG Company Ltd is important because you will get accurate, high quality, and convenient financial information. What makes this company stand out from the rest is that you only get to pay for what you are using. 

This means that you will be charged a specific amount based on the number of documents processed every month, and there will be no additional fees for VATs, annual financial reports, and annual tax returns. Foreign nationals will also benefit from BG Company Ltd accounting services in Bulgaria because it offers cross-border accounting services and international tax issues.

Importance of BG Company in Accounting Services

  • They have more experience by handling accounting information with several clients and solving their financial information needed by them to keep their business running smoothly.
  • Their services are affordable. They charge reasonable prices based on the number of documents they have to handle in accounting software and the number of employees the company has.
  • Their services are readily available. When you contact BG Company Ltd, they will respond immediately within 24 hours.
  • They will strictly adhere to the rules and regulations governing the business and prepare financial statements on time and also submit the statutory statements on time. Besides, they will make the exact payment of tax dues and correct and timely submission of reports to the NRA.

Types of accounting services offered

  • Subscriber Accounting Services – this is the initial accounting service offered by BG Company Ltd when signing contracts with the clients. They pay a certain amount of money called subscription so that the company will undertake all annual activities. This subscriber accounting services will also cater to the closing of accounts, preparation of annual tax returns, and preparation of the annual financial report.
  • The Monthly Financial Statements – these are the financial statements prepared monthly. This includes VAT returns and income and expenses incurred by the company on the preceding month and should be submitted on the 14th day of each month including VAT payable. BG Company Ltd also files nil returns in the months in which no documents were processed.
  • The Annual Financial Statement – these are the financial statements prepared on an annual basis for the company and should be filed with the NRA. These include the annual tax return which should be filed by the 31st March. Corporate tax should also be filed by 31st March every year.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements – the financial statement should be prepared annually to reflect the true picture of the company. It includes profit and loss accounts which the company can use to check if it has made a loss of profit.
  • Preparation of Financial Reports – financial reports should be prepared and publish by 30th June of each year so that the public can review the progress of the business including shareholders.
  • Human Resources and Wages – this includes drafting employment contracts, employee files, payment orders on transfer salaries, and insurance premium paid.

Fees Charged on Accounting Services

BG Company Ltd charges fair prices on its accounting services. The good thing is that they will charge you only for what you have used and no other additional charges. Fees charged include:

  • Companies who have not registered for VAT will pay from 45 EUR monthly and 490 EUR annually.
  • Companies with the registered VAT will pay from 65 EUR monthly and 700 EUR annually.
  • Dormant companies will pay 40 EUR monthly and prepaid of 400 EUR annually.
  • For payroll services fees include up to 1 employee is free monthly and free annually, up to 2 employees is 20EUR monthly and 215 EUR annually, up to 5 employees is 40 EUR monthly and 430 EUR annually, up to 10 employees is 70 EUR monthly and 750 EUR annually, up to 20 employees is 120 EUR monthly and 1290 EUR annually, for more than 20 employees monthly is termed by agreement and annually are termed by agreement.


Getting the services of a professional accountant such as BG Company Ltd is crucial for the company because it will provide you with correct and accurate financial statements that are of high quality, convenient, and beneficial to your company.