What To Prepare Before You Ask For A Raise?

Asking for a raise from your company is a very challenging task.  It’s because the success rate of your request will always depend on how prepared you are before you ask them personally. Before asking for a raise, there are several things that you must consider and if, you have been successful in your preparation, you have a bigger chance to get it ?

Things You Need To Prepare

  • Do simple research- try to ask your HR about the company’s policy of giving salary increases.  This is one way of avoiding a long wait for your raise approval.  Companies have the habit of staking to their yearly schedule of giving bonuses and increases in salary.
  • Try to think of the reason for the increase in salary.  Is it urgent or necessary?  You should make consider this question, because, there is a possibility that you will be denied.  What will you do? Continue working there or start to find a new job?
  • Check on your performance- are you working according to your job description or you have work beyond your duties and responsibilities.  Most probably, companies will give increases to employees that go the extra mile.  Some employees give only what their position requires.  But, others are going the extra mile, to the interest of the company.
  • Present prepared to present yourself and your achievements- When you have the chance to have a one on one talk with your manager, be transparent on your reason for asking for a raise.  Let him know of your achievements.  Most probably, he doesn’t know about it.
  • Avoid being too emotional- companies will pay their employees based on merits and their qualifications.  Your pay will depend on your value in the company.  Don’t over mention personal problems as the main reason for the request. They may sympathize with you, but, it’s not an assurance of approval.  They will look more at your performance. 
  • Stay focus and plan your approach- It’s good to plan your talking points.  Practice your strategy and dress to impress your manager.
  • Evaluate yourself- think of the time you are in the office and attending meetings.  Think of how your co-workers treated you.  Are there more critics?
  • Don’t tell everyone that you will be asking for a raise- companies are careful in giving a raise to their employee, for fear that it will cause a domino effect. They will be in a bad situation, because, it will affect the company budget.  Assure them that you are discrete about this.

Before you go and talk to your manager about raise in your pay, make sure to review and study, the possible reaction of your manager.