Have you ever considered going on stage for fitness competitions? The following are some of the things that you should consider before you commit to the competition.

Consider the cost

Most people don’t realize that it is expensive participating in the shows. If look out at the many things which are involved, it might be a lot more than just going on stage in a bikini that is binged out. The cost can break or make a competitor. And thus, before you go through the vigorous preparation, exercises and dieting have a budget and know the cost which is involved. The cost will become your motivator. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of money and then end up not finishing well with your prep 100% because of lack of enough funds.  The following are what you will have to spend on:

    • Diet:Depending on your diet at the moment, the food might become expensive. You will need to have more proteins, chicken, fish, eggs, and lean meats, and also unprocessed whole foods. Buying them in bulk might help in keeping the cost down.
    • Supplements: If currently you are not on supplements, adding them to your diet can be expensive. Supplements are known to vary but in general, you might consider utilizing the BCAAs, whey proteins, CLA, glutamine, vitamins C, D and E, fish oil, multi-vitamins.

  • Registration with the federation: You have to ensure that you have registered as a member of the division that you will be competing in. They will charge you membership fee and it varies from federation to federation and depending which category you will be competing in.
  • Show registration: Depending on the type of show and the number of classes that you will be competing in, registration will be between 50$ to 100$ per each class.
  • Suit: As a woman your suit will be expensive as compared to that of men. You might feel that they are just tiny pieces of fabrics which don’t have to cost much, but each of the suit is known to be handmade and specifically for you, with crystals sewn on them of high quality. There are factors which might make them to be cheaper like the fabric choice and the crystal count, but the suit will be between 150$ to $1500.
  • Tan: You have to be dark while on stage. It should be darker than any bed tanning or the spray tan can get to you. There are tans and tanners that are competition specific such as pro tan, Jan tan and Liquid sun rayz and also other local tanners which are independent. Tanning is likely to cost you between 80$ to about 150$ dollars per every competition you get involved in.
  • Jewelry/makeup/hair: When it comes to women, it is not just a competition of showcasing the muscles but also beauty, so having impeccable make-up and hair is a must have. You will have to save cost if you decide to do it yourself but to match with you skin tan might become a challenge so it will be best if you worked hand in hand with a makeup artist who happen to be experienced with the makeup for competition. Typically gaudy and jewelry is big so that it can be seen from a distance. During competition, rings, earrings and bracelets are the go to jewelry.