What Should Be Improved To Make Content Marketing Effective?

Content Marketing

Hiring press release distribution service is indeed effective for your marketing because media coverage is important too. It could help the brand awareness through well-known media. You can get more trust. However, you need also to think about content marketing and why you should make it effective. You can do these to make effective content marketing.

Determine the goals and pain points of the customer

After you create a customer persona, the second thing you can do is determine the goals (goals) and pain points (distress) of the customer. Goals are things that a business wants and plans to achieve. It can be a company goal or a personal target that you want to achieve from a business perspective. Meanwhile, pain points are special problems experienced by prospective customers. You can think of these pain points as an obvious simple problem. In determining goals and pain points from customers, you need to refer to data rather than mere assumptions. We recommend that you at least conduct interviews with customers. The goal is to understand why they trust and use the product, as well as what difficulties could potentially cause them to move on. Do social listening by listening to what they have to say on social media. Conducting FGD or Focused Group Discussion is also very possible.

For example: your company is a B2B (Business to Business) startup that offers a service platform for payrolls for company HR needs. You have defined your customer persona, namely the HR managers of various companies. After going through the interview process, you finally find that the main pain points from your customer persona are the problem of salary standards. Your client does not yet know the standard salary for their sales team in their industry in the following year. They worry that the salary standards set are too high, or that they will be overlooked

Break created content into multiple formats

If you have finished creating one type of content, it is recommended that you change it in another format, so that it can be distributed on various other distribution channels. For example, content created in the form of web articles. You can turn it into an infographic that is usually popular among social media users. Podcast content can be transcribed or uploaded on Youtube and IGTV. One example is best done by content marketing expert Gary Vee. He always creates content in various forms, with the main focus on video. The video when speaking as a speaker, interview via radio, meeting with fans, or even the vlog is impossible to only be found on one platform. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok all have similar content which is edited according to the format and characteristics of each platform. You can also choose one good content to be sent to best press release distribution service, they will also help to create effective press release.