Well, IP address or you can say that Internet Protocol is an identifies for a computer device on TCP/IP network. The main aim of the IP address is to help connect the computer to other devices on the network.

In simple words, an IP address is used to connect your system to the internet. It is basically a series of numbers, like 506.457.14.512. Now, the devices that are connected with your internet connection have a unique IP address.

There are two different versions of IP Addresses: the first one is IPv4, and the second one is IPv6. The IPv4 is an older version and does have a space of 4 billion IP addresses. While on the other hand, the IPv6 version can provide trillions of IP addresses.

Here is the example of IP Address:-


Now, there are two different types of IP addresses; the first one is Private IP addresses, and the second one is IP addresses.


Everything about Private IP Address


The private IP address is the address of the device connected with the home network. Now, in case you have different devices connected with a single Internet Service Provider, then all the connected devices have a unique private IP address.


Example of Router IP Address:- 192.168.l.254


Overall, the private IP address doesn’t have a unique identity as they hold a limited number of devices on the network. Now, you can use various types of techniques to find the private IP address.


If you’re a Windows user:-


  • Open the run tab and type ‘cmd.’
  • Now, a black box will appear, i.e., command prompt.
  • Enter the command ‘ipconfig.’


If you’re a Mac user:-


  • Similarly, in Mac, you need to open the terminal app.
  • Enter command ‘ifconfig’ It will show the ip address.


Public IP address

The public IP address is defined as the primary IP address of connected home or business network.

Simply understand that Public IP Address make sure to connect you to the real world, and it’s always unique for all the users.

You can use the SupportAlly site if you want to know your pubic IP address.

Difference between Static and Dynamic IP Addresses

Both public and private ip addresses can either static or dynamic. It can be both! Those IP addresses which you configure manually for the network of your device then theses are static IP addresses.

Note:- Do remember that static IP addresses cannot change automatically.

As soon as you connect with your router with to internet, the dynamic IP address automatically configures itself with the router.

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The Conclusion

So, that’s all about the IP addresses and the primary difference between the Dynamic and Static IP addresses. Now, if you have any queries or suggestions, do enlighten them in the comment section.