What Is Skateboarding? Find Everything You Want to Know Here

It is a sport (tool) where various skateboarders show their skateboarding skills/tricks. It is known as a very thrilling and adventurous port nowadays. We are trying to cover each and every fact about “type of skateboarding shoes” in this article. So, stay tuned till the end.

Skateboarding History

Firstly, it came into reality in the 1940s with a wooden made skateboard with roller wheels. Since then we have seen dramatic changes into the skateboard types, materials as well as in their design. 

The innovation of an electric skateboard in 2010 had changed the whole skateboarding scenario completely.  With each passing day, more and more people are involving to experience this thrilling sport. 

What is an Electric Skateboard and how much it costs?

Electric skateboard is a motorized device that helps you to experience skateboarding as fast as you can. With the powerful battery you can ride these electric skateboards on any terrain. There are some specific skateboards that are made specially to ride on difficult off-road terrain.  It is not possible to give an estimated value for a skateboard. Each skateboard has its own value, features.  Like, you can find the best electric skateboard under 300 or maybe you can find it in $550 too. In short, prices can vary from models to model and brands to brands.

Skateboarding Tricks

Skateboarding has become very famous in the USA from last few years. The foremost appealing and attractive quality of skateboarding is its maneuvers and tricks that captivate people towards playing skateboarding. Like as I have mentioned above that with the each passing day some new inventions have witnessed in skateboarding. Each trick is not so difficult to perform. With the regular practicing on various maneuvers, anyone can have command on these skateboarding tricks.

Skateboarding Events

Skateboarding is a very famous sport not only in the USA but all over the world too. There are more than 100 famous and world renown events competitions have arranged. Some of these top-ranked best viewing competitions are: 

  • Red Bull Donner Downhill
  • Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon
  • TWS Come Up Tour
  • Vans Pool Party
  • Camp Woodward
  • Red Bull Hart Lines
  • Zumiez Best Foot Forward
  • Grind for Life
  • X Games
  • Boardr AM Series
  • Rocky Mountain Rampage

Skateboarding Safety measures

It is always in the discussion, that skateboarding is a safe sport. The answer is very straight forward. If you worry about your life, and put some safety measures first that it is the safest sport in the world. After electric skateboards innovation, speed is a major attraction in this sport, which can be harmful sometimes. But you do not need to worry as with the few safety measures we can overcome this danger too.

  • Should wear protective gear like helmets, knee and elbow pads.
  • Always cover your feet with any type of skateboarding shoes. 
  • Adjust the wheels every time before skateboarding. 
  • Should not skateboarding in the wet conditions/surfaces. 

Skateboarding Styles

Because of innovation in skateboards, new skateboarding styles and maneuvers are found by the skateboard’s experts. Following you will find some very famous skateboarding styles such as:

  • Freestyle Skateboarding
  • Park Skateboarding
  • Downhill Skateboarding
  • Pool Skateboarding
  • Big Air Skateboarding
  • Off-Road Skateboarding
  • Stunt Kook Skateboarding
  • Street Skateboarding
  • Technical Flat ground Skateboarding