What is SEO and what are merits and demerits of SEOs

What is SEO?:-

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization. To define SEO, we set an example that is we made a website or any YouTube channel. We want more and more traffic in the coming days. To do this, we can share our website link to Facebook or any other social media to get more audience. Or we can play different ads to get more views. But in this condition, we have to spend a lot of our money. But there is also another solution to get more traffic and audience i.e., organic sources. SEO is that process in which we get more views, traffic, and audience in our online websites through natural, free and organic searches.

In other words, Google SEO is a tool that makes specific changes to our website to make it more attractive. In this way, we can rank our website on Google’s top results. For better results, we should optimize our website on any blog post. In this way, people see your site at the front results and ranking would be increased with Super Clear Contents.

Key point:- To get more ranking and audience, we have to use super clear content. Otherwise, we can lose our traffic.

Benefits of SEO:-

  • It is the tool that uses good quality traffic. It always uses quality information so that it engages its traffic so far. As people idealize super-bright contents, actual material, and qualitative analysis.


  • It is money free. We don’t have to spend so much money for playing ads and other useless marketing. SEO uses its super resources for its quality work. Once we pay our initial investment, we don’t have to pay again for our website traffic and content.


  • Google SEO can get more clicks than PPC. In a survey, it has resulted that about 71.33% of searches are organic. Therefore, people mostly like Google algorithms.


  • Using SEO also makes competition between SEO marketers. The people who are doing a job at marketing are working hard to rank their webpages and websites. In this way, SEO is improving day by day using its clients. Also, it is going popular day by day.


  • SEO experiences people to do better and quality work, as well.


  • It is one of the inbound strategies through which we can earn, lead, and prosper.


  • People can get awareness about any brand by using SEO.


How to do SEO?

Quote: “There aren’t any quick magical tricks that an SEO will provide so that your site ranks number one. It’s important to note that any SEO potential is only as high as the quality of your business or website, so successful SEO helps your website put your best foot forward.” Maile Ohye, Google 2017

There are some principles on which SEO is based:-

  1. Introduction to digital marketing:-

In search engine optimization, we must know about digital marketing. Mainly, SEO based on digital marketing skills and its foundation based on it. You must know all the principles of this foundation and its objectives.

  1. Tracking and measuring our marketing strategies:-

In this method, we should make a track of our efforts to make search engine optimization better. To satisfy our customers, we should use the real stuff and our information realistic. In SEO, marketing and tracking are important while using any tool for our website or webpage ranking.

  1. Targeting the market:-

One of the most steps to do in search engine optimization is to focus on a high target. It will increase the market value and business. You will ensure that how many people want to buy your products using your webpage.

  1. Super bright contents:-

The other process of SEO is to use always bright and super content. We have the best and unique ideas for the webpage. Blogging and content development is significant. All the buyers catch newly and unique designs, and this is our duty to make standard content.


Other than above, we should take the following steps in SEO:

  • Making keywords
  • Create a cover page for our webpage
  • Write and create a unique content
  • Use anchor texts
  • Optimize your On-page SEO
  • Create your work more attractable
  • Spread your links to your page
  • Always used to update your web content


Merits of SEO:-

Money free: – SEO does not need so much money to invest. It is free of cost or a less costly process.

More traffic: – We can achieve more localized traffic using search engine optimization.

Mobile-friendly: – The significant advantage of SEO is that it is familiar to mobile phones. We can quickly achieve the desired results by doing digital strategies.

Familiar to people: – When you are using SEO, you must have professional skills. When you achieve the webpage ranking, people will reach you, and you are renowned for a professional. Your content is super explicit, and people need nothing more. They have to click on the buy button.


Demerits of SEO:-

More competitors: – In SEO, if you got your approach, it means you had reached your rank. In this way, you will have faced more competitors, and you may lose your ranking anytime until you work hard.

Penalized strategies: – If you are working with SEO, you must be on top. Otherwise, you can lose your ranking. To stop this, you should make investments after partial timings.

Slow: – As other search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. give us faster results, SEO does not give you the same. You sometimes get our results after a month or longer. It’s a much slower process.

Hard work: – In SEO, you cannot get promise results. Even after updating your webpage, you can get the desired results. In this way, you have to work with SEO experts. You must acknowledge yourself with their experience. With collaboration with SEO experts, you will get your desired results. As we know, most of the businesses rely on skills, and it is worth ables.