What Is Plastic Injection Molding?

We see products in the shelf at supermarket, which come from the same factory with the same packaging. Manufacturers always want to use one to create more than one. Do you want a beautiful packaging with lower cost price for your products? Plastic injection molding can do it.

Brief Introduce of Plastic injection molding

Nowadays, Plastic injection molding is widely used in our daily life. Every plastic products we seeing, mostly made by Plastic injection molding.

Usually injection plastic molds have five parts to work. Nozzle, charge, runner, ejected pins and parts cavities. The main parts of them is parts cavities where can used in production. Every injection plastic mold take electric as their energy. As automatic design, it can be putted on the production line to create a mass-production.

The working process of Plastic injection molding is that molten material was putted into the charge, along the nozzle fully fill with runner and parts cavities. When the material cooled, the ejected pins putted the parts away from cavities. This is the complete process of Plastic injection molding.

Why We Choose Plastic injection molding

There are 3 reasons why we choose Plastic injection molding.

  1. It is suitable for most kinds of products. Plastic injection molding which was shaped according requirements of the product they made. This versatile mold can be used in nearly all kinds of products.
  2. Plastic is cheaper and common material in injection molding. Plastic material is widely used in our daily life, either injection molding. Most of manufacturers know thermoplastic. This kind of material is very common that nearly our daily plastic necessaries is mostly made by it. There are 5 common types of molding plastic: ABS, Celcon, Polypropylene, Hips, LDPE.
  3. They are easier to produce. Whatever the material itself, or the products it made, plastic is very easy to produce or to be produced. Therefore, manufacturers prefer use Plastic injection molding to create mass-production. Plastic products is very common in our life.

How We Make Plastic injection molding

Before we make Plastic injection molding, there are two things we should to do: prepare materials and find Plastic injection molding makers. Taking suitable materials can make a different for your products. Choosing a reliable Plastic injection molding maker can help you solve many problems you may meet during using Plastic injection molding.

Plastic injection molding Materials

There are 5 common types of Plastic injection molding materials. Each of them has different features, which is suitable to different products.

ABS: It also called acrylonitrile butadien styrehe. This materials is preferred by applicants and industries. It has the resistance of both impact and temperature. It was easily to mold and colorfast.

Celcom: It has another name, Acetal. It has the resistance of creep and chemical solvent. It is easily to put color, and has well heat distortion, low moisture absorption.

Polypropylene: It is the popular plastic materials all over the world. It has the resistance of chemical and fatigue, insulation properties.

Hips (High-impact polystyrehe): This kind of materials has good impact resistance, fine dimensional stability, out standing aesthetic qualities. It can be customized for its surface, and dealt by machine.

LDPE: It is low-density polyethylene. It is the most flexible of plyethylene. It has the resistance of moisture, chemical, high-impact strength and translucence, weatherproof. It can be easily processed with most methods.

Plastic injection molding Makers

Other things you should consider, after the material, is choose a reliable injection mould company There are some suggestions that can help you find a reliable plastic molding makers.

First, your Plastic injection molding makers should have no less than 1 year experience. The more experience your Plastic injection molding makers have the more efficient they are when they solve problems for you. Your Plastic injection molding makers should also work with you closely. Every responsible Plastic injection molding makers work closely with their customers. If you meet any question during your injection plastic mold using, they can provide suitable solution. On the other hand, when you create a close relationship with your Plastic injection molding makers, you may can know the last technology about Plastic injection molding. With this technology, you can adjust your products on time. If your Plastic injection molding makers have research & development based, it is better for you to use molds deeply.


Plastic injection molding is very common in industries. By Plastic injection molding, manufacturers make mass-production. Before you make Plastic injection molding, the two things you should consider are the material and Plastic injection molding makers. There are 5 types of Plastic injection molding material for you , and some suggestions about how to find reliable injection plastic makers.


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