What is Hertz, and how does it affect the gaming experience

Did you know that, when you are buying the asus vg248qe monitor for gaming, the number of hertz impact on which one will improve your gaming experience? You need to understand what hertz is all about. It is the number of images that are displayed per second whenever the monitor can refresh.

What it means is that a monitor with 60HZ will be able to refresh and then return 60 images for every second. In contrast, one that has 120HZ will refresh and be able to return 120 images every second that the monitor refreshes.

So if the hertz are high, it makes more images to be gotten per second the monitor refreshes. It, therefore, means that, when the hertz are higher, you will be able to get more images per second that the monitor refreshes.

With that, the more fluid experience is created on the screen.  With a higher value, it denotes that you will get a smooth display, which is very important when it comes to gaming. It was believed before that a human eye can only detect up to 30HZ, then it moved to 60HZ, and at the moment, the numbers that the eyes can detect haven’t been concluded.

With the introduction of 144HZ monitors, the big difference was noticed by everyone that used them who initially had been using 60HZ. You will see the difference when jumping from a 60Hz Asus vg248qeto a 120Hz Asus vg248qe.

With the recent introduction of 240Hz, there is no difference when you compare with the 144Hz meaning. It might be the limit of human eyes. You will still notice something super smooth when using a 240Hz monitor, which proves that the higher the Hz, the better it becomes.

The effect of Hertz on the gaming experience

If you are an average competitive gamer, then you might not be able to notice the difference between the various Hz as compared to a gamer who is competitive. The small difference for big gamers plays a very important role in whether they will win or lose the game, especially when it comes to FPS games such as CS: GO, Overwatch, Valorant, Fortnite, Battlefield, and PUBG.

It is not the image quality that will improve, but the fluidity of the motion that is going to improve. A monitor that is at 60Hz will display 60 different images per second that the refresh rate happens. It means that Hz is all about refresh rate and does not affect graphics, and thus, you should not expect your graphics to improve with a higher Hz.

And it also means that a monitor with a 120Hz and 144Hz will give a gamer a higher chance to be able to make reactions faster as compared to a gamer who is using a 60Hz monitor.  So when you are picking the monitor, you have to decide the number of hertz that will work for you best, depending on the competitive games you will be playing. But to be on the safe side, the higher the hertz, the better for you.