What is Adult acne? Can you get rid of it?

What is an acne condition?

Acne is a skin condition most people suffer from in their puberty or adult age. According to a survey, it’s the eighth most common skin disease worldwide. Furthermore, according to the research the number of adults who get acne gone above in the last decades? In numbers compare to men, females usually get more acne and other skin problems. Recently these numbers increased to 85% in females and 16% in males.

A mild or less severe condition might consist of Blackheads, whiteheads, and small pustules. Although, in further severe conditions, a person can also face papule. This can cover one-fourth to three-fourth areas of the body. There is one more condition called rosacea that usually occurs in adults. It’s a bit different from puberty acne. In this bumps are smaller and appear all at once.

Causes of Adult acne

Before the treatment of acne, you need to know the root cause of acne. There are various conditions that can lead to mild to severe acne. Sometimes, your daily routine can also cause or trigger acne. Some common causes are:


Contact irritation

If a person has irritation or allergic to something, remaining in contact with that object can cause irritation on the skin.  This skin irritation can further cause a protective reaction and can cause inflammation as a defense. Daily routine items that can cause allergies are harsh cleansers, dry facewash, and roughly used razors.


Hormones changing are one of the top reasons for acne. In adults, especially in teenagers during puberty changing hormones can lead to acne and pimples. The fluctuation in male or female hormones during puberty causes acne because the change in the entire body also affects the nearby areas of skin.

The hormonal changes can further cause excessive sebum production, ph imbalance, and differences in circulation. Some common causes of acne in adult females are:

  • Menstruation
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy
  • The postpartum period

Clogged pores

A clogged pore is another common reason for acne. People who have overactive sebum glands are more prone to this condition. In this, the sebum covers the pores and hair follicles in the skin. Thus, the rapid turnover of cells can lead to blackheads and acne.


The main cause of an increase in the number of adult acne in recent years is junk food. Top dermatologists in Mumbai believe that excessive sweets, dairy, white flour can contribute to adult acne.


Although medication doesn’t directly affect acne or cause skin problems. However, there are medications that can trigger adult acne such as epilepsy treatments and antidepressants.

When you will get rid of acne?

If you are facing it due to allergy or other health conditions, you can get rid of acne on its own. As described earlier, a person can have acne if he is allergic to a particular thing. Sometimes, junk foods can also trigger acne. Removing these foods from your diet and daily routine can help to get rid. However, for mild to severe acne, you should get acne treatment in Mumbai to make your skin better and scar-free.