What does “Until Tomorrow” mean? The new challenge of Instagram

more than one is wondering what the hashtag #until tomorrow is about, It turns out that it is the new challenge of social networks. What is the meaning of “until tomorrow challenge hashtag”.And why does it appear in so many publications? The viral challenge is just a game of users posting fun photos of themselves.

The challenge was born as many people are in quarantine due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But the challenge is not directly related to the pandemic. Many social media users were confused when they saw the caption on Instagram and turned to Twitter and other places to try to find out what it is about.

Here we explain how to be part of the #untiltomorrow challenge:

  • An IG user posts a silly photo of himself.
  • Hashtag the photo with the phrase #untiltomorrow.
  • The photo remains published for a day on their page, then they delete it.
  • Anyone who likes the photo before it is removed will receive a message from the original post telling them that it is now their turn to post a “See you tomorrow” photo.

Some people who joined the challenge have already forgotten to delete their photos after the 24-hour countdown ended. Still, many of the examples below can disappear in 24 hours or less. But some people can keep their posts longer than that, especially if they get funny reactions.

Instagram accounts to read at home

Social isolation can generate despair and leads us to ask ourselves what to do. Instead of wasting time on the networks, I discovered accounts that are going to give you good ideas and entertain you.

If you have children, you can take advantage of the fact that Agustina Lynch is going to read stories for a while every morning due to the quarantine.

Starting this Wednesday, the lawyer, who has become a writer, will begin reading books through her Instagram. The schedule was a proposal from some mothers, although she clarified that “if several prefer one more schedule in the afternoon, type 16 or 17, let me know and we will see how it works out.”

The truth behind the viral that says that Instagram will publish even your deleted messages

In recent days, a viral began to circulate that was shared by Instagram users, including several celebrities. This viral says that Instagram changes its conditions and that everything that was posted can be made publicly available, including the deleted photos and messages and that this can be used in court.

It is a case of disinformation and there are several who fell into this trap, including actors such as Julia Roberts or Rick Perry, among many other users. The content is similar to a hoax that began circulating on Facebook in 2012 and said something very similar. But this time a version for Instagram emerged that circulated, especially in the United States.

How to get followers on Instagram

The truth is that a few years ago I did not give much importance to how to get followers on Instagram or my personal brand there. It seemed to be a social network that I was not going to give much use to, and what’s more, I had my profile configured with the option of keeping my photos private with some family photos that I didn’t want anyone to see.

It took me a while to see that Instagram is here to stay and that it was going to be one of the most important social networks as the statistics show. And it is also true that a while ago I had not taken the liking or the vibes from this social network, but as soon as I saw the grace I began to like it more and more. Today I really like it.

The point is that it started to attract more attention to me, to want to know more about how it works, what it was that made some users get a lot of followers and, above all, how it could be profited at the business level, not only for my personal brand.

So I started trying things on this social network, doing experiments and applying everything I saw, read or discovered on the subject, using my Instagram profile as a guinea pig. I love doing these things for learning and the wealth of information I discover.

By the way, I have created a course on Instagram in which I explain the best techniques and strategies to grow your Instagram community with real followers. It will be on sale for a short time, so I recommend you check it out if you are serious on Instagram.