In our everyday lives, the Internet has a special place in it. The functionality in both our professional and personal lives is linked by the internet. This will lead to certain setbacks if this feature is interrupted. It also helps not to mention that the possible problems of the Internet, particularly for the IT experts, are various and overwhelming.

Speed issues and weak internet could be the most often experienced challenge for all internet users. Slow internet can be such a pain in this rapidly growing period.

Slow internet is also a concern for infinite reasons because we depend on the internet a lot. A high-end high-performance provider can be very successful for most issues. But guess what, the outages, the abrupt delays, and interruptions are also to live with.

Fortunately, problems of internet access are normal in general and have straightforward solutions. We have a couple of issues mentioned here to help you with problems and hopefully fix any mistakes you make for no internet error.

The Internet Access location Problem

The router or Connection Point is one of the most obvious sources of poor Internet speeds. The farther you get from the router, the more untrustworthy is the link.

The issue of insufficient bandwidth

The loss of bandwidth is another common source of internet connectivity issues. Bandwidth is a calculation of the amount of data transmitted per second through your internet “pipeline structure”. That means your internet speed will slow down because your pipeline is not wide enough to funnel all the data in at that moment if you have a small pipeline and are going to stream a video to HD (an operation that takes a lot of data). More data transfer would be possible at a time with a bigger Internet pipeline, which would lead to a quicker link.

The issue of insecure networks

Anyone in your Wi-Fi range can use your internet signal if your network is not stable. This will interfere with the network and generate safety threats.

 The type of Browser issue

You can prevent internet speed by using specific web browsers (such as the ones requiring Flash and JavaScript). This may be the cause of your internet troubles by using these kinds of browsers.

Obsolete hardware problem

Wireless network hardware will become redundant in only 3-5 years at the current rate of technological advances. So, if you’ve been experiencing Internet difficulties sometime after you’ve built your Wi-Fi router, faulty hardware could be the cause.

Outdoor software/firmware issue

If you don’t keep things updated, using the right hardware won’t help. Outdated firmware can contribute to the behavior of “sticky client,” meaning the system connects automatically to a certain Access Point, even though a device is closer to it. This leads to higher Internet speeds that prevent you from having access to online files and apps.

Poor Hardware Installation Issue

You still have Internet issues because of bad implementation, but you have the correct hardware and upgrade it regularly. If you just stick to the wall and call it for a day with no quality controls and optimization, the internet speed will be slower later.