What are different types of painting?

Painting is all about pigments and different colors. People in ancient times were experts in creating a masterpiece. After that, the painting was left as a sign of legacy, and people remember them. When it comes to painting, it requires deep and intensive thinking. That thinking triggers the part that is known to promote creative insights. Every ancient and well-known painting has a particular meaning that took years to be made. The right choice and combination of color and pigments take several nights. To make a masterpiece, you have to sacrifice your time and efforts. In this way, you can master your skill and become an expert. For beginners, it must be challenging at the start. But, they have to remain patient and persistent to reach that level. As a beginner, you can use paint by numbers for adults. It can improve your art and provide a great touch. Some of the types of paintings are listed below,


Oil painting: 

Over the few decades, oil painting is widely known and considered a common form of painting. The majority of artists love to practice through oil paintings. In the oil painting, the pigments get mixed with a layer of dry oil like linseed oil. Also, oil painting techniques have become common. In Europe, the artist likes to use oil painting techniques instead of tempera paints.

Watercolor painting: 

In this method, colors and water are blended to create a unique style of paintings. The majority of the watercolor paintings are done on the papers. Also, you can use watercolor paints on other supports like papyrus, plastics, leather, and bark paper. Chinese love to make finger paintings with watercolor paints. Some water-soluble pencils are present that easily work in wet or dry form.

Pastel painting: 

Another famous type of painting is a pastel painting. It is the pure powdered pigment solidified into a mold stick. It is a form of artwork where pastels are used for making a well-defined and thoughtful painting. In pastel painting, blinders are the natural hue and low saturation. As compared to other paintings, pastel has more effective colors that are close to natural dry pigments. The surface of pastel paintings is fragile and can easily be smudged. The paintings made from pastels have permanent pigments that remain unchanged for centuries.

Acrylic painting: 

In acrylic paintings, acrylic colors are used. The distinct feature of this painting is that it dries faster upon applying on medium. It includes the pigments that are suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Another feature is that it is soluble in water and acts as water-resistant.

Charcoal drawings: 

When it comes to charcoal, it is a dry form of art medium. It is usually made on finely ground organic material held together with a wax blinder or gum. Due to its versatile properties, different artists like to use this. It offers a unique and natural effect to the art. After applying, it easily removes but leaves a stain behind. Thus, it is a key to cave painting.