what age can child use electric toothbrush

Use of an electric toothbrush can be a great fun like an adventure that maintains the hygiene for your kid at a young age. There are many parents who get confused to know what age can child use electric toothbrush. Here you will be able to know when to use the electric toothbrush and why should your kids use it.

Many researches have been done showing that an electric toothbrush is totally safe for your children. Researchers have come to disclose that plague can not grow when electric toothbrushes are used that prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. It is high time to let the kids have sound knowledge about brushing the proper way for their teeth. The model of the electric toothbrush is awesome. It maintains such a type of circling tooth bristle that can ensure the deep and smooth cleaning for the teeth.

kids electric toothbrush:

Many clinical studies have been done that give high emphasis for using electric toothbrush due to its effectiveness in comparison to manual toothbrushes. There is a certain age group for kids electric toothbrush.

  • 12-36 months
  • 3+ years old
  • 8 – 12 years old

Dentist specialists advise using an oral toothbrushes when your child becomes 3 years old. American Dental Association suggests using an electric toothbrush as it helps to get rid of some bad habits of brushing teeth. The electric toothbrush encourages to make sure the proper brushing in a timely manner. One can get an exciting experience by using it. By using the toothbrush automatically the regular brushing sense is developing and feel refresh to use it. Different categories of the toothbrush are available. For most young kids there are different types of electric brushes available that are made considering the capability of use. It makes kids feel excited about fun activities. But parents need to keep an eye on them while they are using it and they should guide them on how to use it.

There is an alarm that can be set in the electric toothbrush which continues to notify the kids when they have to shift their brushing positions. As days go the demand is increasing from parents’ side due to its great performance.

Are electric toothbrushes good for children’s teeth:

There are several reasons why electric toothbrushes good for your children’s teeth. These are as follows:-

  • For maintaining proper cleanliness: A person can easily clean the teeth and gum by using the electric toothbrush. Everybody expects healthy teeth. That is why it is essential to ensure it by proper cleanliness. It is easy for maintaining electric toothbrush.
  • Provide protection against dental problems: Nowadays, many have to face different types of gum or teeth problems. If you take protection before properly, it will be reduced. So, it is crucial for all to take steps against the problems. Those problems can easily be removed by using the electric toothbrush.
  • Discard the bad smell of breathing: Regularly, everybody takes many types of food items. That food item can cause great harm for our teeth. As a result, sometimes you have to face the problem of bad breathing. It is irritating for us. To remove the problem easily the proper utilization of electric toothbrush is important.
  • Feel relax for using: By using the toothbrush one can feel refreshing and also relaxed mood. It ensures the deep cleaning and takes good care of gum health.
  • Saves time:  The proper use of an electric toothbrush can save valuable time and also removes the germs very easily.
  • Customized set up to clean: The electric toothbrush maintains a customized setup system for cleaning properly.
  • Able to remove sufficient plaque: The electric toothbrush is able to clean a sufficient amount of dental plaques than others. So, you can use it without any hesitation.
  • Can reduce the cavity problems: You can get relief from the cavity problems by using the electric toothbrush because it cleans deeply.
  • Time set up: The electric toothbrush develops the proper time as it is required to brush regularly. The automatic time set up system is excellent.

How do you use an electric toothbrush?

It maintains the proper battery power which is an essential part of the toothbrush for long-lasting utilization. Before using this brush it is better to cross-check whether your electric brush is charged properly or not. It is better to check the bristle of electric toothbrush is not fine enough to use. After a few three months, the head should be changed on a regular basis. The very next step is to apply the toothbrush into the water so cleaning can be more effective.

The division of quadrant for your kids’ mouth is very important. Your kids can divide it into four sections and it is better to brush at least 30 seconds for each section so that every surface can be cleaned properly. It is advised to brush twice daily to get a better outcome. Then brush the teeth gently and softly. After the brush is completed it is better to keep the toothbrush in a suitable place so that it remains well. They should not brush too hard otherwise teeth will not be cleaned up properly.

Quality toothpaste needs to be used so that teeth remain perfect in the end. The size and shape of brush needs to be selected so that the user can feel more comfortable. Even suggestions from a dentist can solve this problem.