Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market: New Market Research Report Announced; Global Industry Analysis 2019 – 2027

Transparency Market Research (TMR) predicts that the global waterjet cutting machinery market would expand at a CAGR of 7.1% over the period 2019 and 2027. Furthermore, the total value of the market is projected to touch 1,718.5 Mn by the end of 2027. Basic industrial functions have also come under the ambit of the functional waterjet cutting machinery

The key strengths of waterjet cutting technology are versatility and environmental friendliness. Water which is abundantly available is the key raw material of waterjet technology and hence no other raw material cost is involved. In terms of environmental friendliness, the technology is a cold cutting process and environment friendly unlike laser cutting or plasma cutting. The versatility of cutting any soft or hard material is the key strength of waterjet cutting machines. The technology of this machine includes the cold cutting process and environmental friendly unlike laser or plasma cutting.

Soft materials such as wood and rubber can collapse under high-temperature environments. Research scientists suggest the use of high-pressure technologies to break through such brittle materials. Moreover, pressure-based technologies have proved more effective in shaping of objects as against other methods. Therefore, the global waterjet cutting machinery market is set to attract massive revenues in the years to follow.

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Waterjet cutting technique is better than other metal cutting techniques such as laser cutting, plasma cutting among other, as waterjet cutting technique can be used to cut a variety of metals, is environmental friendly, can cut more thicker metals compared to other metal cutting techniques, etc. In waterjet cutting techniques, the cut metal is not thermally deformed as no heat is used in the cutting process

Rising manufacturing activity across the globe

Automation of manufacturing activities has created fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and Industry 4.0 is the new name given to current trend in industrial automation. China which is known as the factory of the world, is increasing using automation technologies to increase its industrial output.

High precision of waterjet cutting machines which very low environmental concerns

Waterjet cutting technology is a cold cutting process and does not create any HAZ so no thermal deformation of materials that are cut and are environmental friendly. These machines can perform minute cutting jobs with a high level of precision and minimum kerf. A kerf is defined as width of a cut made by a waterjet cutting machine. These machines are environmental friendly as they cut materials without producing any heat, dust or smoke like other cutting technologies such as laser cutting or plasma cutting. Water a naturally found material, so no additional cost in sourcing of raw materials. Due to all these factors, globally there is an increasing demand for waterjet cutting machines

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