Vinay Kumar Nevatia Reveals His Best 5 Netflix Series 2023 List to Spice-up the Quarantine Season

Vinay Kumar Nevatia Reveals His Best 5 Netflix Series 2023 List to Spice-up the Quarantine Season

Popular content reviewer Vinay Kumar Nevatia suggests the Best 5 Netflix Series 2023, as we find ways to pass time during this lockdown.

Had it not been for Netflix, we would literally be scratching our heads off, while being locked down in our homes amid this unfortunate pandemic.  However, as always, Netflix has us covered. Whether you like comedy, thriller, adventure, suspense, or reality shows, this year Netflix has come up with some really interesting series from each of these genres and more. So much so, that it has left us in the dilemma of what to watch and whatnot. To help us with that, Vinay Kumar Nevatia, a well-known reviewer has released his list of Best Series on Netflix 2023.

Vinay Kumar Nevatia suggests Top 5 Netflix Series 2023 

Into The Night

‘Into the Night’ is a sci-fi drama about a hijacked passenger plane. This fictional series revolves around a terrifying phenomenon where the Sun is killing people whenever it rises in any part of the world. As the Sun threatens to destroy mankind with its radiation, the plane keeps flying in the night, across the world, changing hemispheres to avoid being exposed to the sun. Vinay has top-ranked this riveting fictional drama series in his ‘best series on Netflix 2023’ list.

Never Have I Ever

If you are looking for a light and soothing binge-watch material, ‘Never Have I Ever’ is the ideal one. This teen drama-comedy series directed by Mindy Kaling is about a young Indo-American girl named Devi. The series focuses on Devi’s journey through adolescence revolving around school, boys, sexual experiences, and emotional roller-coasters. With relatively small episodes, Never Have I Ever is the Best Netflix series to watch, if you are looking to reminisce your teenage days.

The Pharmacist

Vinay Kumar Nevatia has ranked ‘The Pharmacist’ third on his list of 5 Best Netflix Series of 2023. This Netflix docuseries starts with a murder mystery involving a man trying to buy cocaine. It then revolves around a New Orleans pharmacist who investigates an opioid crisis in his community. No more spoilers for this thrilling 6-episode series based on drug issues.

The Stranger

The Stranger is an engaging mystery thriller based on Harlan Coben’s novel. The storyline is spooky, to say the least, as it revolves around an unknown character who goes around the town revealing people’s secrets – sometimes to help them, and sometimes to blackmail for money. Watch this suspenseful thriller series to find out the motives and how it all ends.

Too Hot to Handle

Vinay Kumar Nevatia concluded his list of Best Netflix Series to Watch 2023 with the recently released reality series named Too Hot To Handle. It is about 15 contestants living together in a beach villa, trying to avoid physical contact in order to save their $100,000 combined cash prize.  The cash pool reduces every time any one of the 15 breaks the rules. If you are a reality show freak, ‘Too Hot To Handle’ will not bore you.

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So, these are the Best 5 Netflix Series to watch 2023, as suggested by Vinay Kumar Nevatia. He is a recognized content reviewer and is well-known for widely followed by the entertainment audience, for his honest and candid reviews. Do let us know your feedback, once you are done watching these.