It is the desire of each person to spend money on something that is going to give your investment a return. Typically, shopinspect is a tool that plays a significant role in helping you to make informed decisions for your business. Instead of choosing a product you think is hot at random, this tool is capable of telling you if it has many orders or not. ShopInspect is normally packed with a number of powerful features. They include the following.


Immediately you have signed in a ShopInspect; you will see a dashboard. This is the feature that makes it easy for you to do your job. In this feature, there are sections where you will find hot products automatically. Hence, you no longer require to search for the products you want manually.

Hot Shops

There exist a button on the dashboard that can show you the hot stores. Hot stores are Shopify online stores that tend to have countless monthly visits. Since these websites have much traffic, you can use the same style or technique on your store to visit the websites and see what they are doing well.

Hot Products

Once you click on the hot products button, you will find the products with the highest factory orders. On the other hand, it shows the percentage of every increase in the sales of the hot product and its selling price. In case you want a specific search, you can select the filter at the top right corner of the page.

Product Search

As you search for a product, you can either type a keyword for a product name or the name of the store. For example, once you type a dog collar, you are going to see a report concerning dog collars.

Smart Score

On the left side of the ShopInspect, you will find a box that is showing you the smart score alongside the average monthly web searches. Typically, a smart score is normally ranked between one and a hundred. It is a mathematical formula that has to do with the number of product searches. Also, it will tell the number of stores that are carrying that product.

The chances are high that you desire to have a high search volume of products but a small number of sellers. Ideally, the smarter the score, the higher, the better. On the other hand, the line graph is going to be displayed, showing you the search volume for a particular keyword. It is ranked one to one hundred, with the lowest number of searches being one. Note that the higher the search volume, the more increased number of people search for a product.

Word Cloud

This is a list of other search works relevant to what you are searching for. You can increase your search with the words people are searching for. Afterward, you should get the smart score for each of them. Consider doing this until you find a winning product. It is necessary to take your time to go through the use of these features to help you make the best out of them.