Vacuum Skin Packaging Market 2022 Surge in Demand from Meat and Dairy Industries to Fuel Market Growth

Vacuum skin packaging or vacuum sealing packaging has gained immense traction in recent years, particularly from the meat sector due to numerous benefits associated with the same. Over the past few years, a number of countertop and handheld vacuum skin packaging machines have entered the market and the trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years. The dwindling prices of electrical components coupled with the increasing consumer demand for long-lasting products are expected to shape the growth trajectory of the global vacuum skin packaging market during the forecast period.

The increasing need for food preservation of different meat and dairy products, including cheese, cold cuts, and other forms of meat is anticipated to fuel the expansion of the global vacuum skin packaging market during the assessment period. In recent times, owing to the durability offered by vacuum skin packaging, conventional packaging techniques are being replaced across various sphere within the food industry. Moreover, vacuum skin packaging offers an additional protection layer in comparison with conventional packaging solutions due to which, its adoption continues to witness consistent growth.

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Vacuum Skin Packaging Set to Replace Conventional Packaging Techniques

Due to a plethora of benefits, vacuum skin packaging is likely to replace conventional packaging techniques in the upcoming years. Some of the most notable benefits offered by vacuum skin packaging include optimum protection from external elements, significant improvement in product presentation, minimum product loss, maximized shelf life, and high efficiency in packaging. These features are anticipated to augment the demand for vacuum skin packaging in the near future.

In the current scenario, 3mm thick vacuum skin packaging bags are extensively used to seal a variety of products, followed by 6-8 mm thick bags. In addition, vacuum skin packaging has emerged as an ideal packaging solution for long-term freezer storage due to which, the demand for vacuum skin packaged products from the commercial kitchen is on the rise. This factor is expected to propel the global vacuum skin packaging market during the assessment period.

A variety of vacuum skin packaging materials is available in the current market landscape such as PE, PVC, PP, PET, etc. Several chefs around the world make use of vacuum skin packaging for ‘sous vide’ cooking– another factor that is projected to provide considerable boost to the adoption of vacuum skin packaging. Some of the most common types of vacuum skin packaging include side seal bags, tubular bags, shrink bags, and cook-in bags.

The increasing demand for vacuum skin packaging for meat & smoked meat products, fruits, vegetables, sanitation, and dairy products is likely to remain the top factor in driving the global vacuum skin packaging market during the assessment period.

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Demand for Vacuum Skin Packaging on Rise amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on the vacuum skin packaging market, as the demand for safe, reliable, and protective packaging of food as well as consumer products has witnessed noteworthy spike. Consumer confidence, in terms of purchasing, is primarily being influenced by packaging choices and techniques during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, a number of companies are increasingly opting for vacuum skin packaging. The surge in the demand for vacuum skin packaged products, mainly from the commercial sector, is one of the key factors anticipated to fuel the growth of the vacuum skin packaging market during the COVID-19 crisis.

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